There is nothing more fun in my life than introducing my children to something wonderful that they can do together and learn from.  And since we are warm and balmy here in Texas on our Spring Break, I wanted to find a product to help my kids learn something about sustainability.  Being Green.  Gardening.

Lucky for me, it is easy to find green children-friendly activities for my kids!  I just turned to the internet and the GoGreenand website!  The website is a great starting point for kids on learning the valuable lesson of going green.  With fun facts and the entire process that it takes to plant seeds, plus colorful photos and video that explain everything step by step, the website is a good resource to help kids get started.  In addition, there are some great ideas on feeding kids healthier snacks and even ideas and discussions on promoting healthier habits and a more sustainable lifestyle on the page!

Find the SHOP tab located under the ‘For Parents’ tab on the left sidebar and you can order a super fun Go Green and Giggle Book and Tote Garden Activity Gift Set for your kids!  The site takes you to Amazon where you can purchase one!  Mine was delivered within days and my kids were anxious to get started and see what was in the bright green bag!

The name says it all:  kids go green and they definitely giggled while we prepped Sunflower Suzi to grow!

Within the kit is a book about going green and giggling, a bonus music CD – we listened to it while we worked – sunflower seeds, planting pods and a plastic container to get everything started in.  Going Green has never been more fun or entertaining for my girls!

First they sat on our swing and Katie read to her sisters all about Sunflower Suzi, Conroy Carrot, Daphne Daisy and all of the friends that helped teach my girls sustainability.   The girls giggled at the mention of Wally Earthworm and asked questions about being eco-friendly and giggled at the jokes that plants and vegetables told in the book!

And then we got to work!

We opened the ‘greenhouse’ that was part growing container, part soil pod holder and read the instructions.  Sarah snagged the Conroy Carrot sticker and wore it all – day – long!  Each girl placed two of the dirt pods in the plastic container.  Katie got warm water and we all sat and watched the dirt pods expand.  And then, oh so carefully, everyone took turns pushing sunflower seeds into the pods!  All while singing and dancing to the bonus CD that comes in the kit!

Despite my having to explain a few times that it would take time before Sunflower Suzi would show herself-  I think 9 days is a sunflowers gestation – the girls talked about their new friends and checked the pod every few minutes or so!  And I know that when they wake up in the morning they will want to go out and see if they have any new friends yet!

This is a fantastic tool to use to teach your children about being more green!  It is a fun activity and a sounding board for teaching the care of plants, the growing process and the patience it takes waiting for something to grow!  I have already purchased other flower seeds and vegetable for our garden and my girls could not be more excited to help me get it started!

I credit the incredibly affordable Go Green and Giggle with helping get my kids started on learning about plants and vegetable and what it takes to sustain them and take care of them!

Remember to get your kit on the website.  Follow them on Twitter and Like Go Green and Giggle on Facebook for all of the latest happenings of Sunflower Suzi and the gang!

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