Several years ago my husband and I took our two little girls to Disney World in Orlando.   We did not have our third daughter yet so it was four people – albeit two small ones – in a hotel room with two beds.  It was OK but it was cramped, even with little kids, and my husband and I were stuck in the same room as our children and when they went to bed at 7, we had to too.

We were there for 7 nights and even though we tried to quietly play card games, sit outside and chat or even watch television, it always woke up the kids.  So we would lay there, staring at the ceiling, listening to our children sleep!

But now that I have had the distinct pleasure to spend five comfortable nights in a Global Resort Home, I will never hotel it again!

The Beautiful Global Resort Home We Stayed In

While in Orlando for the Red Carpet Premier of Chimpanzee, I got to stay in one of the Premier properties that Global Resort Homes offers in Kissimmee, FL and I have to tell you, this is how to truly relax on your Florida vacation.  Located just 1.5 miles from the Disney Parks, there is room for everyone and every thing.  These are not time shares nor is anyone going to come in and try to sell you a home or anything else for that matter!  In fact, unless you need something, you may not see anyone besides your neighbors the entire time you are there! These are homes that guests stay in for the perfect vacation!

Eight women, 11 suitcases, and 8 Oscar Plush toys shared the spacious six bedroom home at 2576 Archfield in Kissimmee. The four large bathrooms designed for multiple people to be in them at the same time were never cramped.  And if you have ever shared a bathroom with another woman – much less four other women – you know how amazing that is!

A Spacious Kitchen makes Waking Up Peaceful and Comfortable

With one bedroom downstairs and five bedrooms up, including the master, the floor plan is perfect for parents that wants to be near their children but have the privacy of their own bedroom too!  It is also great for multiple families as there are three King bedrooms, a Queen bedroom and two twin bedrooms in this house and others like it.  Split the house with your family and friends and sit out back under the warm Florida moon, feet in the hot tub, chatting while your kids sleep peacefully inside!

Or come home in the middle of a busy day at Disney, let the kids nap while you relax reading my blog and then head back to the parks with everyone rested and ready to go!  Avoid being one of those couples with the screaming, tired children at six o’clock because they have been at Mickey’s for eight hours and are just all out of happiness!  The point of a vacation is to relax and have fun!

Walk into Comfort at the End of a Long Day of Having Fun

To help facilitate that relaxation further, most of the Global Resort Homes come with private pools and also hot tubs!  And the area is fully fenced to prevent mosquito attacks while you are trying to relax.  When you need a break from soaking and relaxing after a hard day of It’s A Small World After All, you can have a little friendly competition in the game rooms that are located in the garage of most of the homes!  Or gather around the spacious kitchen and living room area and talk about the day and the fun you’ll have the next day without bothering anyone in the house who might be sleeping.

But the best part of staying at a Global Resort Home instead of a cramped hotel room is that when you get ‘home’ from a long day, it really feels like you are home.  There is a fully functional kitchen, a full sized washer and dryer {so pack less because you can wash you clothes… saves on baggage fees!}, coffee makers, comfortable couches, two eating areas, pass through kitchens and so – SO – much more!

Relax in the Hot Tub Like Some of the Bloggers Did

And it all costs about the same as a hotel room!  Yes – about the SAME, if not LESS, than a hotel room!

Other perks come from the 24 hour concierge where you can rent – for super cheap – things like cribs, car seats, scooters, gas grills and more for the entire stay and save BIG on baggage fees and your back by not having to lug around heavy items!  Get groceries delivered, have a private chef prepare your meals, get an in home massage!  Book tickets to attractions, special events – Hot Air Balloon Ride anyone? – and even rent a car or call a shuttle.  All you have to do is ask!  They even have a Mobile Concierge that can give you directions to theme parks, dining and shopping tips and so much more!

The Room I Was in Sort Of Fits My Personality, Doesn’t It?

I urge you to take some time when planning your Orlando vacation to check out Global Resort Homes first.  They have properties with everything from condominiums to town homes to large, premium homes.  Take it from someone who has done both the hotel and the home.  This is the best way to relax at the end of a hard day of taking a vacation!

**I traveled with a group of bloggers as a mostly compensated trip for these events.  Photos were used with permission. My writings and opinions are mine.  Please see my Disclosure Page for more information. Affiliate links may be included in this post.**