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Giving thanks for my dogs so they can live happily

It has been said by some that I am a little crazy. They may be right but I kind of like it that way. When I adopted my 4th dog, Joy, a month and a half ago, some people said the diagnosis was confirmed. But it is one of my greatest pleasures to be able to offer dogs that no one else wanted, that others did not treat well, that deserve the love and warmth of a good home, a place to call their own. As crazy as people think I am to have 4 dogs in my home, found or rescued, I am truly thankful for them. They help me protect my girls, my home and my property and always offer a loving hug when I need one. My dogs are family. So when choosing the food I feed them, I look for ingredients that I would eat too!  I know, as an experienced dog person, that nutrition is the most important thing I can give them. I discovered the value of the personalized dog food brand, Just Right by Purina, about a year ago. I like the ingredients, the fact that they are in the foods I eat too, and that this food is formulated specially for my dog’s needs. Jack, my 2 year old, one eyed, rescue Beagle that is taking Instagram by storm, is a high energy dog with a clean, soft coat and a need for adventure! I want a food that enhances that and I get it in Just Right by Purina!

Giving thanks for my dogs is as easy as choosing the right foods!


I eat Salmon at least once a week. It is delicious, let’s face it, great for me and supplies the protein I need to get through my days. Jack deserves the same enhancements to his life and to keep him active so Salmon is the first ingredient  in his Yummy Blend. During the holidays you probably had Salmon puffs or grilled Salmon as a lighter dinner after the turkey day feast! At least, I did. Just as it is a part of a healthy diet for me, it is the main ingredient for Jack. A high quality protein that he gobbles up!

Ground Rice

Giving thanks for my dogs by letting them explore and be curious

I know that some dog food critics don’t like the word ground and can discount it as an ingredient that is not beneficial. However, just as I enjoy rice in a broccoli and rice casserole on the holiday table, Jack loves it in his food too. Putting whole rice in his dry food seems difficult, so grounding it is necessary. However, the nutritional value that rice adds to any diet is essential in his!

Giving thanks for my dogs who can run and play happily

Ground Rice is the carbohydrate source that give my active boy his energy to keep going. As a curious boy who is constantly chasing squirrels, running the fence with the neighbors dogs and chasing his sister, he needs those calories to support his active life!

Oat Meal

Let them be healthy by giving thanks for my dogs

For years I woke up and had Oat Meal on a holiday morning. It was a good, hearty breakfast that allowed me to sustain my energy level until dinner, which was often lunch and dinner served around 3 or 4 pm. Just as I need sustaining nutrition, so does Jack! Oat meal, for him, helps him keep that soft, shiny coat I love so much and gives him the nutrients that helps with healthy skin.For a Beagle, skin can be an issue. Having oat meal as a main ingredient in his food helps me combat that easily!

Giving thanks for my dogs who entertain me and love me all year long

This holiday season I am giving thanks for my dogs. They are such an important part of my family for me and my girls. I trust them to alert me of anything – like a falling leaf – they see around the house and we all sleep better knowing they are here. In return, they get to live ridiculously spoiled in a warm, loving, safe home. Choosing personalized dog food that helps them live a better life is just part of the simple things I can give them!

What pets do you have in your home? How are you giving thanks for them this year?