Written by Series Guest Blogger, Brooks Weatherspoon, a father of twin 12 year old girls that will give us insight into A Day in Fatherhood!

I absolutely adore buying my kids new things. Like any parent, I don’t want to spoil them but the look on their faces when I do is as much fun for me as it is for them. That said, there are some things that a father should never be asked to buy. There are some girls gifts that should be off the radar….out of bounds…not in the realm of possible for Daddy. As a father of two beautiful twin 12 year old daughters, I have already experienced some of these. I am scarred for life but you don’t have to be.

5 Girls Gifts That Daddy Should Never Be Asked to Purchase

Men of the world (and women who love them)….please consider the following examples:

New Underwear/Bras/Etc

Yes, I am a grown man. Yes, I am well beyond the point of being embarrassed to buy women’s underthings.

Who am I kidding? No I am not. Don’t ask me to do that. Please. This is mommy’s job. Move on.


My wife once asked me to go and buy clothes for our girls a the last minute for Christmas. The request was simple enough. The girls had some specific ideas about summer wear and school clothes that they wanted and wrote down some specifics. Upon looking at the clothes in the store I quickly determined that those were not good options and instead dressed them “like a nun” according to one of my daughters. I believe in covering up….and I mean good and proper when you are my daughter.

Don’t like it? Don’t send me to buy clothes.

Barbie Dolls

How should I know that they don’t like Batman, Spiderman and the latest C.M. Punk wrestling figure? They are all dolls, right?

Anything specific that is girly

My daughters once wanted a doll that would pee-pee and cried for real. I bought them a doll that cried and talked. I got it very very wrong. Apparently the pee was quite important.

Another time my daughters asked for a scooter with pink handles and a motor. I got them a scooter that was pink with a motor. (but white handles) Again, I had no idea.

Yet another example was when my daughters asked for the latest Taylor Swift CD and I came back with James Taylor. That was a big one.

Hey….James Taylor is a musical genius. I thought she would appreciate the education.

Not so much.

Tinker Bell….Anything

Look. When I was growing up the only fairy I knew of was the little blonde haired, green outfitted Disney chick. Now, there are apparently all kinds of fairies flying around us every day. That is way too much pressure for this old Dad.

When Christmas comes around, I now make sure that these categories are covered by someone else. My daughters are certainly thankful for that.

What girls gifts do you hate to buy every Christmas season?

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