I think you guys know me well enough by now to know that three things matter to me on a daily basis.  My daughter’s, my friends and my coffee.  But take one away and I am a little lost.

This weekend marked the first time my girls will be with their dad for longer than a few days.  They will be gone 16 days and, though I know it has to be done, I was not handling it well.  So I called up my girlfriends and headed to Safeway to pick up some Gevalia Coffee for a relaxing weekend away that would take my mind off my children being gone.

Gevalia Coffee at Safeway #SafewayGevalia #cgc

Because that is what good friends do, right? Help you when you need it most!

On the last day I had my kids I took them to Vacation Bible School, took them out to lunch and then took them home to play games.  Then I took  them to Randall’s (my Safeway Affiliate) with me so they could help me pick out some fruit and stuff before I dropped them with their dad.

We had so much fun walking around Randall’s picking up fun coffee cups, fruit and other things I wanted for a great bruch the next morning with my gal pals.

After I dropped my kids, I picked up one of my friends and we headed out of town.  We talked and chatted and me immense appreciation and respect that she would leave her family to go to another friends for the benefit of my comfort was not lost on me.

Gevalia Coffee at Safeway #SafewayGevalia #cgc

We got to my other friends house and talked and laughed and had an amazing evening of catching up and talking about old times.

The next morning, while the house as still sleeping, I got up and pulled out the packages of Gevalia Coffee that I purchased.  I decided to make the Vanilla flavor first.  It just sounded so awesome.  Though Gevalia has K-Cups for the Keurig *Kraft Foods is not affiliated with Keurig, Inc. KEURIG and K-CUP are registered trademarks of Keurig, Inc., I used the grounds and her reusable filter to make coffee for us.  It smelled so delicious as it brewed.

As I made a cup for me and  my other coffee loving friend, I put out the fruit and muffins I had purchased for a nice, healthy, brunch.  As I worked, my friends came down and relaxed on the back porch.  Out of respect, I did not take photos of them in their morning happiness.  But I let them take one of me.

The Gevalia coffee surprised me, to be honest.  Gevalia is expertly made with carefully selected beans and ground extra-fine to produce a rich coffee experience.  I really thought is would be too rich, too “vanillay” and too hard to drink.  I am a skim milk and Splenda in black coffee kind of girl.  But the hint of flavor was delicious and I had two full cups, some refreshing fruit and wonderful conversation.

Gevalia Coffee at Safeway #SafewayGevalia #cgc

Later through the day, I made another cup as I wanted it in the Keurig  *Kraft Foods is not affiliated with Keurig, Inc. KEURIG and K-CUP are registered trademarks of Keurig, Inc..  Every time I was pleased with the deep aroma and tradition of coffee that Gevalia has been since 1853.

Next time you want to plan a party, brunch or just make an appreciation meal like I did, head to Safeway and pick up some Gevalia Coffee in their variety of rich roasts and flavors.  It just adds a special feeling to any time with friends!

I, for one, thank them for reminding me that friends are golden and the time with them precious.  I could not have made it through this first weekend without them!

Gevalia Coffee at Safeway #SafewayGevalia #cgc

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.