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#NewPetPartner AD

Getting a New Pet and Protecting them During the Dog Days of Summer is Important #NewPetPartner AD

Dogs are family. Period. The end. No one has ever been able to convince me otherwise. I love them, I want them in my house and I can live with the small irritations of dog hair and some chewed up shoes in exchange for their unwavering love and devotion. I think every home should have a pet, not matter what it is. Getting a new pet is so awesome. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you know that I recently adopted my third dog, Jack (#OneEyedJack) and have been spending a lot of time getting this new and very special pet acclimated to life with us. With this being his first summer with us, I have turned to my #NewPetPartner, PetSmart to get some tips and ideas on how to keep my new pet safe this summer! In fact, all of my dogs now have their passports to the dog days of summer!!

See all of PetSmart’s awesome summer time tips now!

Getting a New Pet and Protecting them During the Dog Days of Summer is Important #NewPetPartner AD

The first thing I always worry about with my dogs is heat. In Texas, temps can climb rapidly. My dogs have a dog door and can go about their business freely, but they still need clean water to stay cool. PetSmart has a wide variety of water dishes and systems that can help you keep your pup hydrated even in the dead of a summer day! If you can not keep your dog inside all day due to work or travel, check out PetSmart Doggie Day Camp! I have actually thought of taking Jack to this just to get him more acclimated with other dogs besides the ones at home!

Another concern I always have with my dogs is the ability to swim. Now, I don’t have a pool, but my neighbors and friends do and I don’t want my dogs falling in and now knowing how to get out. I also don’t want them to be afraid of water so that bath time and cooling them off in the heat of summer is easier! So reading the tips and tricks from PetSmart will help me get little Jack confident and safe around water!

Getting a New Pet and Protecting them During the Dog Days of Summer is Important #NewPetPartner AD

Training is another huge deal when you get a new pet. Jack was 1 year old when I adopted him but his first year was sad and hard and did not include any type of training. He was lucky just to get out alive. So he is in dire need of a puppy class, or 6. Luckily, both Bud and Piper, my older dogs, took classes at PetSmart and came out better for it!

With PetSmart and all of their awesome products to help you keep your dog hydrated, safe in the water and trained well, you can make getting a new pet an awesome experience instead of a stressful one! In fact, they have so many innovative products to help you with your new pet that you can even travel with them in style! Check out the tips for new pet owners and what they have to offer and I will see you there!

Tell me about your new pet! I want to see photos too!