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I am shocked that we are less than 40 days from Christmas Day. As I finally thrown my pumpkins from Halloween away and actually sit and think about all that has to be done before that day arrives, I am trying to figure out how to Get More Out of Life this Holiday Season. I am trying to think beyond the stress and the to-do list. How can I relax and enjoy a little of it too as I play Santa, decorator, baker and housekeeper? Check out my list below and tell me what you would add!

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Take a Night to Yourself

Look, we all know as the women of the house that it all eventually falls on us. We also know that we secretly love that it does. But we need a break too. We need to relax in a tub with a Merlot candle and a book and a steaming cup of hot cocoa in arms reach! So when making your list as Santa’s favorite elf, be sure to pencil a night in for just you to relax!

Use Products that Really Work

There is nothing worse than doing a chore and trying to stay on a strict timeline and then having to do the chore again because the product did not work. That is why I always have Clorox 2® on hand to make sure my massive loads of laundry come out clean the first time! Removing tough stains and brightening colors is easier with Clorox 2®. Use it to pre-treat set-in stains you thought would be there forever – even ones that have been through the dryer! Yes, even the ones that look like they are dried on forever!! Pretreat them and watch them disappear! Clorox 2® even works on tough stains like soy sauce, coffee, grass, wine and grape juice. Come on, we all have battled those stains! This holiday season, having Clorox 2® on hand makes laundry that much easier in the bustle of everything else you have to do!

Get More Out of Life This Holiday Season + WIN a HUGE Williams-Sonoma Gift Pack #Clorox2 #sponsored

Make and Freeze Meals Ahead of Time

The holiday season for me is also casserole season! The more I can make ahead of time and freeze, the less I have to cook later. These are awesome for those busy shopping days when you have no energy left to prep dinner. Or for when guests pop in and the conversation leads to a dinner with laughter! There are tons of casserole recipes online!

Donate to a Charity

Despite the fact that we are all hoping for that one gift we wanted all year long, giving is the actual reason for the season. I love to donate all year round but, during the holidays, it means something a little more special for people. Like a toy when there was not one or a warm coat that replaces the layers of T-shirts! Take a day to collect and donate to those in need. Teach the kids that the real spirit of Christmas lies in selfless, kind acts!  It will make your season even more spectacular!

Remember that is it Not the Gift that Counts

Showing love and appreciation this holiday season is a lot more important than any gift. Plan a family movie night or a s’mores night in the snow. Take the family on a winter hike or just make sure you eat dinner together each night. Spending time with those you love as opposed to money on them will give you the gifts of love and happiness to carry you through all year long!

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Get More Out of Life This Holiday Season + WIN a HUGE Williams-Sonoma Gift Pack #Clorox2 #sponsored

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Get More Out of Life This Holiday Season + WIN a HUGE Williams-Sonoma Gift Pack #Clorox2 #sponsored

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