**I was provided a free trial of the Jenny Craig program and meals. However, the opinions expressed are entirely my own.**

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3 Ways to Get Back on Track When You are Bored with Your Diet #JennyCraigMoment #JennyCraigFoods #JennyCraigRecipes ad

You can love your diet all you want but at some point, it just gets old. Let’s be honest, we all have fail days. Less than our success days, of course, but they are there. I find it hard to stay on a plan when I hit a plateau in weight loss. In fact, I reported not long ago that I had lost 9 pounds** on Jenny Craig so far. I am holding within a pound or two but am not losing at the same rate I was before. Not because of the diet, but because of me! Even though I LOVE the food, so appreciate the support from Carrie and am dedicated to getting myself back into fighting form, I, too, have days when it all just does not go right!

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**Results not typical. Members following our program can expect to lose, on average 1-2 lbs per week. I received promotional consideration.

3 Ways to Get Back on Track When You are Bored with Your Diet #JennyCraigMoment #JennyCraigFoods #JennyCraigRecipes ad

My first excuse is my kids. These last few weeks have been INSANE! Between dealing with grades, school and that dreaded homework, the constant need to get everything done for them has sometimes been overwhelming. The homework, especially, just deflates any quality time we have together as it takes over the evening with unpleasantness. By the time we are done and their dinner is made, I have no appetite. Skipping meals when  we all know we should be fueling our bodies often is never a good idea.

We can add work, work and more glorious and appreciated work to the pile, along with some legal issues, health issues and just… issues… and my days get convoluted in the insanity of my life. However, I am still totally dedicated to Jenny Craig and their proven, successful program and have found a few ways to get back on track with my plan!

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3 Ways to Get Back on Track When You are Bored with Your Diet #JennyCraigMoment #JennyCraigFoods #JennyCraigRecipes ad

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Fake Your Mental State

The hardest part about diet lulls is getting your head back in the game. But if you can ‘fake it’, you can start to believe it again. So what if the scale tipped 1 pound the other way? You are still getting up every morning wanting to do better. There is no worse feeling, at least for me, than to let the thoughts of ‘I can’t do it’ and ‘This isn’t working’ seep into your thought stream. Stop looking at the number on the scale and look at the amazing person that is YOU! If you can not see it, fake it. Leave yourself encouraging notes in your purse, on your mirror or in your tennis shoes! Until you believe it again, fake it!

Mix Up Your Exercise Schedule

For a year now I have played tennis several times a month. Not game play that allows a lot of breaks, but full on 1000 balls an hour drills. I did lose weight and felt amazing but I would have a hard time making it a daily thing. First of all, I need a partner and secondly, it is pay per lesson and I have a mortgage to pay. So I needed to mix up and add to my workout routine. If you had told me a month ago that I would not only be doing CrossFit but LOVING it as well, I would have laughed in your face! But I do!! So much so that I am even getting my kids involved! Three weeks in, I get up every morning wanting to go work out. But I don’t want to get bored with it, so I mix it up. Now I do tennis twice a week, Crossfit 3 – 4 times a week and take a 30 minute walk on my days off. Along with Jenny Craig foods, my energy level and motivation are at an all time high! Mix it up to stave off boredom!

3 Ways to Get Back on Track When You are Bored with Your Diet #JennyCraigMoment #JennyCraigFoods #JennyCraigRecipes ad

Fall In Love With What You do Right

Yes, we all fall off the wagon. It is up to us to determine how long we stay down. To get back on more quickly, make a list of what you are doing right. For instance, before Jenny Craig I never ate breakfast. Now I am all about making sure I get that nutrition every morning! I call that a HUGE win for me and remind myself of that whenever I feel like it is all too much.

3 Ways to Get Back on Track When You are Bored with Your Diet #JennyCraigMoment #JennyCraigFoods #JennyCraigRecipes ad

Everyone has those days. But what you do to recover and get back on track is a lot easier than falling off the wagon permanently! You CAN do it. With a good plan, like Jenny Craig, a positive and uplifting exercise program and consultants like Carrie, you can succeed one day at a time!