indi custom banner As of today, I am a PROUD INDi Jeans Ambassador!  I’ll be able to bring you special deals, discounts and more happening with INDi Jeans!  In addition, there will be special contests and more that you will only hear about HERE!

INDi Jeans are custom made, just for your figure!  You choose the fabric and color and they make them for you!

Just click the banner to learn more!

The first BIG THING I get to bring to you is that, through November 20, 2011, you can get $20 OFF any order of INDi Jeans, like the new fits and washes they are rolling out:

Grey Jeans for men and women –  Men’s slim jeansWomen’s Trousers

In addition, you will get FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the US with code NEWINDI (case sensitive)!

Check out what Women’s Wear Daily has to say about INDi Jeans too!

So, take a moment, click my banner and check out some awesome jeans.  I have a good friend who has some and she says they are the best fit she has ever owned!

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