Three years ago I moved into my 30 year old fixer-upper house with grand hopes of fixing it up and making it the best house in the neighborhood.  Wellllll… we’ll just say it is taking more time than I though.

GE Reveal Light Bulbs  #GELighting

But, one room that has bugged me to no end is my office.  Converted from the Dining Room the floor plan denotes it as, I crammed my large desk in it and just live with the fact that it is open to the rest of the house.  However, as my business has grown, so has the – errrr – ‘stuff’ that I take into the house and the office.

Now, my dreams of putting French Doors on it and painting it seem long off.  Unless there is someone who wants to come do it for me.  And pay for it.  That make over will be long waiting.

But, the other day I decided I was tired of the plastic chandelier—-  yes, it was plastic — and unorganized space.  So, I grabbed my kids, headed to Walmart and bought them some food to bribe their cooperation.  Yea… I’m THAT kinda mommy.

GE Reveal Light Bulbs  #GELighting

The very first thing I wanted to do was get rid of the old, dusty ‘chandelier’.  I need more light in my office.  I am in it 10 hours a day – intermittent, I do have kids – and need the lighting to be good for photographs and my old eyes and such.  So, I walked along the light fixture aisle and stumbled upon a simple, but pretty, dome light.  Grabbing that, I headed to light bulbs.

A side note….  slowly, I have been trying to change out all of the bulbs in my house with GE Energy Efficient Light Bulbs.  They are brighter, last longer and are proven to save money over years to come. So it was a no brainer to check out the GE bulbs and see if I could find some to fit my new fixture.

I am always amazed at the selection and had no issue finding 2 60w GE Reveal Light Bulb for my light.  On a whim, I picked up a 40w too.  I wanted to get a lamp for my desk for when I only needed a little light and guessed a 40w would do it.

GE Reveal Light Bulbs  #GELighting

As the kids and I headed back to lighting to look for lamps and decor, I imagined this huge transformation.  Oh to have the messy, cluttered space suddenly be bright and work area approved would be amazing!

I found a really cool Barrel lamp, some art work for the plain, white walls, a whiteboard that I desperately need to keep my work life together, and some other desk accessories to help me get – and stay – organized!

See my entire shop and results below:

Once home, my neighbor came and installed my light fixture – yes, I rely on neighbors for honey-do’s now – and I was off to the races to update my messy, boring office into a nice work area.

First and fore most, I had to find a place for the products I review.  I thought I did well stacking them behind me but my neighbor suggested I do a stand up shelving unit.  Well… where was she at Walmart?   So, I will be redoing that part but at least it got my desk clean of clutter.  `

GE Reveal Light Bulbs  #GELighting

I added some much needed artwork to the walls, hung up my white board which will hopefully help me keep life in order, and FINALLY put a clock in my office.  My 40 year old eyes need all the help they can get!  Adding my lovely barrel light, I completed my new, brightly lit, updated office!  And I could not be happier!

My photos will shoot better, my eyes will be more thankful and maybe I’ll be able to function better among the organized clutter!

GE Reveal Light Bulbs  #GELighting

What do you think?  Think I can get more done in this well lit, cozier, more functional and colorful office?  I think so too!

What rooms in your house need some light to reveal their beauty?  Check out the entire line of #GELighting Bulbs to get you started!


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