**I received gift cards in exchange for sharing my shopping experience at Gallery Furniture. All opinions are my own.**


Since my divorce I have spent a good deal of time redoing my house. From getting rid of old furniture to bringing in a new feel to the house, the purge has done the girls and I good. It’s hard to remember what used to be in here as every room has been touched with new stuff, new paint and more. But I need a few more pieces. I have been meaning to get out to Gallery Furniture on the North Freeway in Houston for a while now. They were my go-to store when I bought my first house 11 years ago and since then, I have always had an admiration for their business style. They provide solid wood furniture, high quality, high style and deliver it that day if you want! So I was thrilled when I had a chance to go back and pick up some little pieces I needed to almost complete the house!

Gallery Furniture in Housto The first thing I noticed when I pulled up to Gallery Furniture is that they have grown up! This new sophisticated style that they have, complete with more square footage and more furniture on the showroom floor. In addition, they have added a HUGE play area for kids! Glassed in and fun for everyone, I let me kids run and play and slide before we started walking around.

One of the things I have always loved about Gallery Furniture, besides the amazing service, is their ability to understand that families shop together. So in addition to the HUGE play area, they have parrots throughout the store, monkeys and a FREE restaurant! YES, FREE FOOD! We were there at dinner and it was a hamburger and noodle bake, a salad and drinks. The kids and I loved it and it was a nice break to sit and talk about what we were looking for.

Gallery Furniture in Housto

It was then time to start searching for some of the pieces I needed. I knew I needed a TV Stand for my bedroom but my middle daughter also needed a new dresser and a chair for her desk. Plus all three needed bunkie boards for under their mattresses. Now, even with the generous gift cards, I was on a budget.

We ran into two people who worked at the store and one of them, named Monkey Mike (he takes care of the monkeys on-site) took a serious shine to the kids. He took over – and added to – their antics while the other awesome guy showed me everything I needed.

Gallery Furniture in Housto

I found the GORGEOUS TV Stand after a while. And then it was time to hit the clearance section because he remembered a princess dresser he had seen in there. Sure enough, on clearance and then an addition 63% off to celebrate Mattress Mack’s (the owner) birthday and I was walking away with a high quality, beautiful dresser at a serious price slash! I also found a chair in there that was surprisingly inexpensive!

By the time we were done, Monkey Mike and the kids were fast friends, I was well within budget and still got everything I neeeded and we were checking out. They offered to deliver it THAT NIGHT! It was already 7pm so I opted for the next day, but I was seriously impressed!

Gallery Furniture in Housto

If you are in Houston or the surrounding areas, or even passing through, please stop at Gallery Furniture. You will be amazed at the entire store – the selection, the Made in America Solid Wood Furniture, the staff and the prices – and will not want to leave!

Have you shopped Gallery Furniture lately? It is so impressive! Tell me what you loved about it!

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