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#laundryredefined (ad) @Gain

Let’s face it, no one wants to spend summer time days doing laundry. But it comes with life. The endless routine of wash, dry, dry again… and the once more because you still forgot to take it out, and folding. Note I am leaving out putting away. I never remember to put it away. Despite the chore, there are ways to make it a lot easier. My new washing machine helps, but there is still the pouring of the heavy bottle of cleaner into the dispenser, which always spills a little and then the wiping the bottle down and putting it back away that somehow seems to annoy me every time. So when Gain, one of my favortie fresh smelling detergents, came out with Gain Flings!, I was pretty excited!

Making Laundry Easier One Gain Flings! at a Time #laundryredefined (ad) @Gain

Look, it is not that hard to pour liquid into a washing machine dispenser. But it is still a lot easier to throw a dependable, reliable packet at the bottom of the machine. You don’t have to worry about spilling anything or making a gunky mess in your dispenser. We all know that happens after a while! Plus with the pre-measured pack, Gain flings! offer a great long-lasting scent experience, thanks to their 3-in-1 benefit of Gain detergent, the added cleaning power of OxiBoost, and the odor fighting power of Febreze!

Check out my video that talks more about how I use them!

Now, I will admit. I am the only one that throws the Gain Flings! into my washing machine. My kids help with laundry but, Like any household cleaning products, it’s important to keep laundry pacs Up, Up and Away. Be sure to seal pacs up, store pacs up and keep pacs away from your kids! So, with dry hands, I throw them in and then let the kids throw the clothing in. Small children, especially, need to be kept away from any pod type cleaners as with any other cleaner.

Making Laundry Easier One Gain Flings! at a Time #laundryredefined (ad) @Gain

I really am amazed at how much punch these pacs have. With a simple ‘Flings!’, I get the cleaning power I need and the lasting aroma of clean I love.

Pick up your Gain Flings! at store everywhere!

How much time do you think that Gain Flings! will save you a week in the laundry room?

Making Laundry Easier One Gain Flings! at a Time #laundryredefined (ad) @Gain