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Furby Connect is the newest toy that my kids have fallen for!

There is new incarnation of FURBY and you are going to love it! I opened and connected mine in a matter of minutes and not long after, the girls too over and in minute were connected and playing. The oohs and aahs and the ‘LOOK at that!’s told me that this was a toy that was going to be around a while! The ground-breaking FURBY brand, which has been around for a very long time, continues to revolutionize digitally-integrated play with the FURBY CONNECT creature, a magical new friend that connects to a world of surprises!

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With a simple Bluetooth connection, the Furby Connect uses the app to interact with your kids!

In the box are the Furby Connect, a sleep mask that will be every mother’s favorite thing (he knows 1000 phrases after all and wants to share them all!), and the directions. However, as tech savvy as these kids are these days all you really have to do it put in the batteries and connect it to Bluetooth.

Furby Connect will be a fast friend to kids!

Once he, or she, is connected to the app, Furby Connect World, the possibilities are endless with that kids can do! FURBY CONNECT interacts with kids through songs, videos, and more, including chomping happily on their fingers while the LED eyes show what food it thinks it is eating and has new surprises delivered via the Bluetooth®-enabled app, FURBY CONNECT World.

Kids can play and take care of their Furby Connect with the Furby Connect World app

My kids love to feed him, brush him, and take care of him if he gets sick. They are also loving learning Furby terms which helps them interact even more! They can help Furby Connect learn song lyrics and even new phrases by watching videos with him at the virtual Movie Theater, too! Megan really loves this feature!

The Sleep mask is the 'off button', which is great to let Furby Connect rest!


If you are in the market for a fun and interactive twist on a toy we all love, check out Furby Connect! My kids have not stopped playing with it, especially Megan, who is 7, and they are learning more and more each day. Things literally stop in this house when a new hatchling is born so they all can watch!

Furby Connect helps kids learn to care for others too

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