**This post about how to Fruit Up Your Easter Basket is brought to you by Halos. All opinions are my own.**  #HalosSnackDuty #GoodChoiceKid AD

Fruit up Your Easter Basket with Halos

Easter is right around the corner and, though candy is usually on the menu, I am actively looking for alternatives that are fun and colorful and that I know my kids will love. My kids, for years now, have loved Halos. They are small for little hands, easy to peel for kids and flavorful! All three of them love them and it is a fruit I gladly put in front of them! So, being round and super delicious, they are almost always a part of our Easter Baskets! Halos are a great way to fruit up your Easter basket!

Fruit up Your Easter Basket with Halos the fruit kids love

As Mother Nature’s naturally sweet snack, Wonderful Halos are California grown mandarins that are convenient, tasty and healthy, and always a good snack choice. Bursting with Pure Goodness, Wonderful Halos are sweet, seedless and easy to peel, and free of common allergens, making them that rare sweet snack that you can feel good about eating.

Fruit up Your Easter Basket with Halos

We were lucky enough to receive a huge box of Halos along with some decorations to dress them up for Easter. I sat my girls out on a beautiful day and let them at ’em. Sarah and Megan had a blast, used their creativity and filled the Easter basket with fun loving Halos!

Fruit up Your Easter Basket with Halos they love

This Easter, swap out the candy for Wonderful Halos so the whole family can indulge in a sweet and healthy treat. Wonderful Halos helps moms be a Good Choice Snacker too. One 5-lb. box of Wonderful Halos can provide enough snacks for all your children’s friends, that special family occasion or Easter celebration. Even better, Wonderful Halos creates a colorful addition to any part of the day, as a main ingredient in your favorite recipes, or incorporate it in memorable crafting together with your kids. Wonderful Halos are in season November through May, and available at your local grocery and in select markets via Amazon Fresh.

Fruit up Your Easter Basket with Halos and decor

With candy and stuffed animals that will end up on the floor as dog toys my other options, I am thrilled to have a better choice for Easter!

What are you putting in your Easter baskets?