My kids are all young and all in different stages of learning to swim.  And every year we go to the store, buy the swim goggles with the plastic straps, attempt to adjust them without pulling the kids hair, deal with the readjustments and then eventually give up.  And then I have kids that don’t want to go under and certainly don’t want to open their eyes and look around which would help them learn to swim.

Frogglez Goggles #spon #FrogglezGoggles

So when I saw these NEW and innovative Frogglez Goggles,  I was intrigued!  Could it be that there are kids goggles that need no adjustment and won’t pull my kids hair?  AND they let me customize them to my children’s tastes AND make them so comfortable that they would actually wear them?  And since this product was created by a real dad who wanted his kids to be more comfortable, you know they are going to be the best design out there!

This is a great idea and I don’t know why someone did not think of it sooner!  And they are affordable, too!  Especially with the EARLY BIRD SPECIAL where they are only $15 a pair!  I think this is totally reasonable as opposed to buying the cheaper ones that never work anyway!  I am ordering all three of my girls a pair right now!


Check out this video below to see how awesome these are and why you need to order NOW in time for swim season!  These things are going to be HUGE in my opinion and I think all moms would agree!

See? Pretty Innovative, right?

Check out this letter from the owner for more info:
Are you and your kids tired of sticky, rubbery straps that comes with those conventional swim googles??? They hurt, they pull hair, they never fit… they just are plain annoying. Along with the discomfort they do very little in keeping the goggles in place.

I know I am not alone in my thoughts and would love for you to explore another, more comfortable option – Frogglez Goggles – a comfortable, form fitting, stylish, athletic swim goggle that will be the talk of any pool.

Frogglez are designed with the young swimmer in mind. Now children between the ages of 2 -10 can be worry and pain free while engaging in summer fun at the pool. Our patent pending strap design is soft, seamless and molds to your child head to prevent ear tugging, hair pulling and much frustration. It just plain works and children love them!

These come in 2 sizes. First size fits 80% of kids up to age 8, after that we recommend size 2. It really is a one size fits all, but I made a second size for larger heads…older kids. My 4 (now 5) year old and Olivia, my 9 year old, can wear the same size but Olivia now prefers size 2.

Frogglez Goggles #spon #FrogglezGoggles

Now, the way this works is you purchase your Frogglez in their custom, to match, mesh bag.  Once you do you go into ‘pre-order’.  When the products are ready to ship – sooner than later with how crazy popular these are going to be – you will get your Frogglez and kids who are excited to go under the water and look around!

This is an independent company trying to get everything in order to get these out!  So supporting the smart, small business owners through is just awesome too!  Imagine when this hits and you can say your kids had the hottest goggles on the planet first!  LOL

On indiegogo, you can pre-order Frogglez at a hefty 25% discount! (reg price is $19.95)

Frogglez Goggles #spon #FrogglezGoggles

So take a little time to benefit from the pre-order price and tell all of your friends!  I am SO excited to get mine and see how awesome they work on my little swimmers!

Information for this post has been provided by Frogglez Goggles in partnership with the SheHeard Influencer Network, however, all opinions are my own.

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