I don’t have pictures of myself before the age of 8, really, so pictures mean a lot to me.  As a result, I used to print every photo I took.  My last order was 3700 photos for $118.00.   Yes, 3700 photos.

Where are they?

In the boxes, stored in a cool place, yet to be put in a photo album or looked at since I ordered them.

Now I upload them to public photo sites because ordering them all just to sit in a box got ridiculous.   But I worry about them and the safety of them on the internet.   With hacking a norm now, I wonder how long it will take before my photos are stolen from me.

In addition, anytime I want to find a picture of one of the girls or an event, I have to remember where I stored it, try to remember the date of the picture, and what I named the file.  It makes it very hard to create photo gifts when I want to.

But now, there is something new!  Something I have been playing with all night that I am super excited to share with you!

Fotobounce is the coolest photo organizing software I think I have ever seen!

Get this!  It uses facial recognition software to store and track your photos!

How awesome is that?

I use facial recognition to log into my computer, but to sort and organize photos?  That is really cool!

And, I am finding, it is so easy to use!

Fotobounce is a FREE downloadable digital photo management software application that allows you to manage, store and share full resolution digital photographs securely between a private network of friends and family!  They call those family and friends “Bouncers”.

Fotobounce here

Fotobounce has a private network feature that allows you to share your digital photos with your friends and family while keeping all of your photos local to your computer, unlike the public forums that have them available for copying and downloading by anyone who can see them.

So when your pictures are imported to Fotobounce automatically, like mine were, they are protected from public use.  Only those “bouncers” that you choose to share photos with see them.

So now that we know that we love it already because of the privacy, let’s talk  about how incredibly easy this is to use!

I simply downloaded Fotobounce to my laptop and waited the minute or so it took to complete.  While it downloaded, I thought, “Hmm, I am going to have to go to my albums and send all of the pictures to this software before I can even see them!”


I opened my Fotobounce from the icon that saved on my computer and immediately it started downloading every picture I had on my computer!  Really!

As it is doing it, it pops up pictures of faces for me to identify.  My daughters, me, my husband and our friends and family.  So I just clicked the edit button and identified the face.  In less than 5 minutes I had identified all of the faces!

I can then go under the “people” tab and click the person I want, and every picture in my database with that face comes up!  It is so awesome!  Now I can find and place photos with ease in photo books, cards, and so on.

It is just so easy!

Check out my trip through the software here:

The software does still place your pictures in folders by date and you can create Albums too to further organize them!

PLUS, you can scan the barcode on the remote access tab and download the software to your smart phone!  Now taking and transferring your pictures from the phone to the computer just got easier!

But, the best part about Fotobounce is that you can invite and share your photos with only the people you choose!  I just invited friends and then “bounce” photos back and forth to them!  And the people and the photo stay on your computer.  They are never downloaded to a public site, thus keeping both your photos and your friends safe!

This really is great!

Give it a shot and you will have it up on your screen, playing with it until the wee hours of the morning like I did!

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