**I am a mom ambassador for Denny’s Diners. I was an invited guest to New York City for the Big Reveal. All opinions are my own.**

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The BIG REVEAL is here and Denny's is changing breakfast, one fluffier pancake at a time! #DennysDiners #ad

I am on my flight home from the BIG REVEAL from Denny’s and I am craving their NEW Fluffier Pancake. Why, you ask? Because I became privy to the latest improvement Denny’s is making to their expansive menu in New York this week and, for this one, they are making something we all love anyway 50% fluffier and 100% more delicious! My salivating taste buds do not lie. My ‘Oma’ pancakes that I make for my girls have some serious competition. Denny’s NEW and improved Fluffier Buttermilk Pancakes are here and you will love them!

NEW! Strawberries and Cream Pancakes will have you devouring dessert on a plate! #DennysDiners #ad

I sat down in the New York location of Denny’s with bits and pieces of a clue of what would be hitting Denny’s nationwide July 12, 2016. But I had no idea how awesome this news was going to be. I listened to John Dillon, Denny’s Chief Marketing Officer, talk about the progression of Denny’s over the years. He admitted that the brand needed major improvement at times and said that they were really trying to reinforce Denny’s as America’s Diner by making those improvements a priority. They started by choosing items to make ‘the best’. As in the best you will get at any diner. Like their milkshake. Psst: If you have not had a Denny’s milkshake, I will hope you get one soon. They are AH-mazing! He mention that Denny’s is one of the only family diner that offers Alaskan Wild Caught Salmon on the menu (and it is awesome too) and that they have improved the kid’s experience at Denny’s with partnerships with companies like Dreamworks. Step-by-step, the work they are putting into making Denny’s a family fun place with all of the high quality foods we love is starting to really show!

John Dillon, Chief Marketing Officer, talks Denny's history. #DennysDiners #ad

Three years ago, they decided that it was time to look at their pancakes. They wanted pancakes that were not just good but that stood out as some of the best competition your mom and grandma have ever seen. I can tell you that it is time to start apologizing profusely to Aunt Glenda now because you will be heading to Denny’s from now on to get your homemade pancake fix!

Me and pancake… A match made at Denny's! #dennysdiners

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Sharon Lykins, the Senior Director of Product Innovation, told us the secret to their new and improved pancakes. Well, she told us almost everything… there are some things we just can’t know. They started with the basics. Real eggs, real buttermilk and a cake and flour mixture that gives sweetness to the fluffiness. She talked of the trial and error, the need to make sure that every Denny’s in America had the same pancakes available and that they looked right and tasted like they were supposed to. She even said that they found a perfect, 6″ spatula that Denny’s cooks everywhere could use so that you got these new, fluffier pancakes exactly as they were intended to be enjoyed at every location! Since Denny’s foods are made in house, it is important that every franchise owner had the same pancake to serve you!

Denny's is America's Diner and with new, fluffier, pancakes, you will agree! #DennysDiners #ad

When it was time for the BIG REVEAL and the pancakes came out, the servers also brought out the ‘old’ version of the Denny’s pancake. I was shocked at the difference! The new pancakes are larger, by far fluffier and have a hint of sweetness that has me using less syrup and taking more bites.
This is BIG, guys! Like… BIG!

Not only are the new pancakes amazing to taste, they are the base for some of Denny’s NEW and amazing dishes. We all know the Grand Slam. But did you know that you can build the slam 300 different ways that will be 550 calories or less? Including the Banana Pecan Pancakes and more? That is pretty awesome I think!

NEW! Sticky Bun Pancakes at Denny's! #DennysDiners #ad

But if you are looking for the deliciousness of the fluffier pancake all dressed up, look no further than Denny’s NEW specialty dishes. We got to try the Strawberry Cream Pancakes which is like dessert on a pancake and the NEW Sticky Bun Pancakes which will make you want to leave the rolls in a can in your fridge! The fluffier pancake holds the weight of any delicious topping without sacrificing the fluffy pancake we all know and love! Oh, and… be sure to add the NEW Honey Jalapeño Bacon to your order. SOOOOO Good!

Watch The Grand Slams online and laugh along with the fun! #DennysDiners #ad

The kids and I are headed out on a road trip the next few days and I can tell you that Denny’s is on the list of stops. We LOVE Denny’s in our house and that is why I am so proud to represent them and the efforts they are making to create products that compliment the memories we are making with the ones we love!

Psst: Check out The Grand Slams online!


Stay tuned for the super funny 30 second ad spots coming to TV and go to Dennys.com to play the Pancake Rejection Simulator which will give you some ideas on how to apologize to Grandma in advance for not coming to Saturday breakfast!

Get help telling your loved one that Denny's has better pancakes than theirs! #DennysDiners #ad

Please do me a favor and head to Denny’s to try their new, fluffier, pancakes. I bet you will be salivating for them soon too!