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Make a Flu Season School Donation Kit for your school!

At the beginning of the school year we all give tissues as a school supply in my district. But I know that, come Cold and Flu season, those boxes disappear quickly. Just in my house a box of tissues is gone in a matter of days. Wiping faces, taking off my own make-up and handling runny noses from allergies makes them gone in a hurry. So I can just imagine how fast a classroom of 22 kids goes through them. With the time of the year coming where kids need the most help keeping runny noses to themselves, I headed to Sam’s Club to get the bulk package of Puff’s with Lotion tissues. I was going to just hand the 10 pack over to the school but decided that there were other supplies that teachers may need too that I can help supply! So I headed to Sam’s Club to get the tissues and other items to add to the Flu Season School Donation Kit!

Bottled Water

Water keeps kids hydrated and are a good part of a Flu Season School Donation Kit.

This may seem off since most schools have water fountains and such. But in the classrooms in our school we also have snack time and a lot of kids running to the water fountain may not be ideal. So I always donate little bottles of water that can be used in the classroom at the teacher’s discretion. In addition, kids who are suffering from allergies need to stay hydrated. Having these on hand can help with that as well!

Puffs Plus Lotion Tissues are Essential for Cold & Flu Season

Flu Season is upon us. Stock Up on Puffs Plus Lotion now!

Tissues, tissues, tissues are needed in every classroom in every school. With cold and flu season upon us, they are needed more than ever. Buying in bulk at Sam’s Club helps me get the tissues I need at the price I want that allows me to supply multiple classrooms. I really love Puffs Plus Lotion because they offer a softer solution for children’s faces. Puffs Plus lotion is America’s #1 lotion tissue and is dermatologist tested to be gentle on sensitive skin! I have a box in every room in my home at all times so providing a few per classroom to me just makes sense!

Hand Sanitizer

In our district, kids are not allowed to bring in hand sanitizer. But they do have it in wall dispensers outside of bathrooms. I believe teachers, especially during cold and flu season, need to have some for their desk. So I add some large hand sanitizer bottles to my donation.

Hand sanitizer for every classroom fro Flu Season

Dry Erase Markers

These have nothing to do with cold and flu season but if I ask a teacher, these and sticky notes are the #1 requested school supply year round. With white boards replacing chalk boards, kids are using them daily. But, kids will be kids and leave the caps off or not all the way on and they dry out quickly. Also, kids press really hard and mess up the tips. Instead of making my teachers buy them, I try to donate throughout the year! Plus, with a surplus supply, kids that are coughing and wiping their noses can get a new one that no other child has to touch, thus potentially spreading germs!

Sticky Notes

Shop at Sam's Club for Flu Season essentials.

Another non-flu season item that is definitely needed are sticky notes. My teachers request all colors and sizes and use them for multiple things throughout the day. So anytime I do a donation to a class, I include them!

I presume that my kids will catch a cold during the school year. But anything I can do to help prevent it I will do. Helping to make sure that their classrooms have items that they will use and need is a small way I can help, not only the teachers from paying out of pocket, but the kids from spreading those pesky germs that cause sick days!

Flu Season School Donation Kit with all the essentials

Head to Sam’s Club now and stock up on Puffs Plus Lotion for your child’s classroom! What else would you add to the donation kit?

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