Sometimes I forget underneath that the overwhelmed, always behind, always wants to do better that I am, too hard on myself person is ME.  The clutzy, silly, ridiculously naive gal who just wants to hear laughter all around her!  So today, I noted 5 things that make me – well – ME and now I share them with you!

1)  I woke up late, did not have time to shower, and barely had time to toss my daughter a waffle she could eat on the way to school before we had to leave.  But my mismatching socks, wrinkled shorts I threw on from the night before and bouncing around like a frog made my girls laugh at me, thus making it the perfect wake up call.

2)  I left a pivotal word off of a post prompting a reader to remind me.  After I repaired the error -clarifying that I helped throw childhood HUNGER out the window and not actually childhood itself, I busted out laughing at the images of us stressed out moms picking up a bucket of our children’s childhood and tossing it… just so they would finally be old enough to clean their rooms!  On the flip side, it is a sad thought and I hope that bucket is sealed and unable to be opened.  This reminding me that a)  I make mistakes, b) some are funny, c) some make me think.

3)  I was carrying my daughter Sarah – late to get my oldest from school – and tripped.  Images of her flying onto the concrete floor, smacking her head and being hurt prompted me to hold on tight and land square on my knees and elbows.  They are in severe pain now and scratched and raw.  But my baby popped up, said “I didn’t fall Mama!” and pride filled my heart!  Reminding me that I am indeed still a master klutz and that I do posses that instinctive need to protect my kids.

4)  I helped bury and sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to a frog, dead at least a few months, that my girls found in the door jamb of the garage door.  As Katie and Megan jumped on the ‘grave’ to pack the dirt over the skeletal frog and Sarah belted out Twinkle in her loudest voice, I was reminded that not only am I a consummate sentimentalist – opting to bury the frog in a proper grave and not flush him down the toilet like the kids suggested – I think Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and children stomping on his grave is proper burial ceremony fare.  Thus reminding me that I am a dork.

5)  I completely spaced out and forgot today was Tuesday and did not take my girls to cheer practice, which has been every single Tuesday and Thursday for 5 months.  Thus reminding me that I need a calendar.

Dorky, sentimental, protective or just plain silly…  I’ll take it.  And I love that today I was reminded about me!