**I am a mom ambassador for Denny’s Diners. All opinions are my own.**


As a mom I have a lot of choices as to where to take my kids to eat a meal. I also know that when I find a place that everyone actually can agree on that they love, I go any time I can while the excitement last. For years now, Denny’s has never lost it’s appeal to me and my kids. It is where a random act of kindness humbled a tired mom, where my kids can all get what they want and where mom can also get something healthy for her too. I fell in love with the Avocado favorites a few months ago and enjoy them still today.

Five Reasons it is Totally Cool to Eat at Denny's #DennysDiners

As you know, a few months ago, I became a Denny’s Mom Ambassador. I could not think of a more fitting partnership since the kids and I all agree that it is a great place to eat! Recently, as part of the program, I was invited to a meeting about Denny’s and all that they do that I have no idea about. Along with the other Denny’s Mom Ambassadors, we discovered so many reasons why eating at Denny’s is cool!


Five Reasons it is Totally Cool to Eat at Denny's #DennysDiners

Did you know that at all Denny’s Restaurants nationwide that Kids Eat FREE on Tuesday nights? Yep – every single one. In fact, most Denny’s have more than one night a week where kids eat free. The one near me does it Saturday’s from 4 to close as well. I visited one last month where they offer it every night!  It is one kids meal for every adult meal, but they often only charge me for one of my children. I love this feature and Tuesday’s have become a lot more fun and affordable as a result!  Just call or stop by your location to see all of the days!

They Support Your Local Sports Teams

Five Reasons it is Totally Cool to Eat at Denny's #DennysDiners

With 1700 restaurants in all 50 states, you would think it would be hard to keep up with all of the sports teams out there! But Denny’s is dedicated to supporting our teams and helping us save simply because we do too! Often on the table tents that kids usually grab and start playing with, the ones you push to the side, is information about how you can save at Denny’s with receipts for your tickets and more! So if I decide to go to a Texans game this year, I may find a save $5 off of $20 at my local Denny’s coupon right on my ticket!

Denny’s Supports No Kid Hungry

Five Reasons it is Totally Cool to Eat at Denny's #DennysDiners

As a mom with the ability to feed my kids, it is not lost on me that so many can’t. As a single mom who relies solely on this website to generate an income, it is at the forefront of my mind that, should I fail at this, I could be one of the millions who have a hard time putting food on the table. I will have much more about this important program later this week, but know that any organization that is devoted to helping kids get healthier meals all day long is one that I am happy to give my money to!

Variety is King

Five Reasons it is Totally Cool to Eat at Denny's #DennysDiners

Did you know that there are over 350 ways to build your own Grand Slam at Denny’s? You could eat there every morning for almost a year and never have the same breakfast combination! Not bad for a restaurant that started out in 1969 as ‘Danny’s Donuts’! Plus, if you head to Denny’s on your birthday, you get a FREE Grand Slam! I don’t know about you, but I get tired of getting the same thing every time I go to a place. I like that I can add grits, take off sausage, add fresh fruit, substitute egg whites and more. Variety is King with kids too! One Grand Slam can feed all three of my kids with some fun sides added to it!

Denny’s Supports Schools

Five Reasons it is Totally Cool to Eat at Denny's #DennysDiners

 Just as your local grocery store has a program to sign up for that allows your schools to earn money, so does Denny’s. It just looks a little differently but accomplishes the same goals. You can use Denny’s to host Benefit Nights for your school, check into how to get over $200,000 in scholarships for high school and college students in the Hungry for Education program and so much more. The franchised Denny’s are always happy to help and if you don’t know who to turn to, contact corporate on their website! Denny’s want the community around them to be strong and vibrant! They are here when we need them!

The kids and I will continue to eat at Denny’s regardless of any mom ambassadorship, just as we did before. But as I learn more about the company, the initiatives it supports and it’s desire to be connected to the communities it is in, I am even more excited to share what I learn!

What do you want to learn about Denny’s? I can try to get any answer or clarification you need!

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