Dreams are a powerful thing. We all started off with them and some of us still dream. Some of us chased those dreams and some of us simply went with what felt comfortable. No matter how you respond to them, dreams are a big part of being a parent. Your dreams for your children and their dreams as they grow are all directly impacted by what you say and do as they age.

One of the biggest questions we end up asking as parents is whether to encourage big dreams…you know the type – pie in the sky, over the moon types of dreams. While most parents would say yes, some parents feel that encouraging this type of dreaming is not practical. Some even think that dreaming can get you a home in the gutter and not much else.

Five Reasons to Teach Your Daughters to Dream Big

I say that dreaming big is a good thing. I say it is those types of dreams that make our children soar to new heights and find true happiness. In fact, I can give you five good reasons why dreaming big is a good thing for your kids.

Mental Freedom – If you want to see a child miserable, stifle their creativity. The ability and freedom to think and dream is something that every kid needs to develop. Who says that we should stop doing that at a particular age? Keep that mental freedom into adulthood and you will benefit a great deal.

Unbridled Happiness – You can ask pretty much any human being on the planet that is over the top happy and they will tell you to the person that dreaming big played a part. Few people go the route of the standard and find intense happiness.

The Power To Do The Unthinkable – Just think about that whole “the world is flat” thing and you get the point here. Kids should dream big on a regular basis to keep our world spinning correctly.

Passion for Living – Again, what is living without dreams? If you are living your dreams, you are living your passions. That is powerful and it has been proven that doing what you are passionate about is one of the best ways to find success in life.

Unthinkable Accomplishments – The ultimate accomplishments on Earth have all came about because some kid dreamed big. Behind those dreams I believe were probably a good parent supporting those dreams. If we want to have the incredible happen often, we have to reach out for big dreams.