The girls and I always love to have movie night! In fact, we try to have one once a week. It allows us to start a conversation about whatever is on the screen and to share an experience together! We curl up on the floor, overload on popcorn and enjoy just being together!

Sitting down to a movie with your daughter is one of life’s little explosions of happiness. There are few things that can bring the two of you together when you get the right mixture of film, snack and togetherness with your daughter. Some movies have reached that epic level where they are virtual  must see movies for mother and daughter. Here are five incredible movies to watch with your daughter for the first time.

I leave it up to you for age-appropriateness issues

Little Women

Five Movies Every Mother and Daughter Should See Together

Few movies capture the essence of family like Little Women. The book is great as well but for once, the movie is even better. If you want to sit down with your daughter and experience the range of human emotions, this movie will certainly do the trick. It also offers up plenty of learning opportunities for younger ladies.

Anne of Green Gables

Five Movies Every Mother and Daughter Should See Together

This is the ultimate family movie (series) that is all about a young orphaned girl that is taken in by an older brother and sister. The movie follows Anne from the earliest childhood days right up to adulthood and the hundreds of things that happen along the way. This is a feel good series that you can enjoy over the course of an entire weekend together.

Steel Magnolias

Five Movies Every Mother and Daughter Should See Together

The ultimate tear-jerker, Steel Magnolias is a classic that will always be near the top of any movie list. With incredible performances by some of the biggest stars in Hollywood, the movie is all about a mother, daughter and the best and worst of both. If you want to share a “grown up” moment with your daughter, this is the movie for it.

The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

Five Movies Every Mother and Daughter Should See Together

Laughter truly is the best medicine. If you have a bit of trouble with your daughter communicating or if you have some hassles, this is a good movie to break the ice and get you talking. It is about a mother and daughter who have problems. (Go figure) The incredible lengths they go to in solving them will make you laugh, cry and want to watch over and over again. Best of all, it gives you a wonderful discussion with your child after.

Sleepless in Seattle

Five Movies Every Mother and Daughter Should See Together

If you have a teen daughter who is starting to wonder about boys, this is a great movie to teach her about romance. Virtually every woman loves this movie and it is easy to see why. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are star struck lovers that have not found each other yet. When Hank’s little boy gets involved in trying to help them find one another, sparks fly. This is a great movie that will show your daughter a pretty decent idea of what romance should truly be about.