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I am not a total fan of New Year’s Resolutions but I am a HUGE fan of using the New Year to improve something in your life that you want to. Whether it be working hard on a new business opportunity or making myself accountable for getting in better shape by researching and using apps and information that will motivate me to keep going, there is no better motivator to me than money. Lucky for us, FitStudio with Sears will help us achieve our fitness goals by giving us Shop Your Way points that convert into real dollars! Basically, for every 15 miles achieved or 1,500 calories burned, FitStudio pays us $5 in Shop Your Way Rewards points to help us save even more!

FitStudio at Sears Helps You Get In Shape with Reward Points #Achieve15 #SearsBloggerSquad

Here is how it works. Simply go to FitStudio.com. Make sure you also have a Shop Your Way Rewards account to log in and house your points! Create an ID and password using your phone number. By the way, each step equals more Shop Your Way Rewards points! You will have 7 days to spend your original points but I promise, you won’t have an issue with that!

Once you are in you need to complete your profile, set some goals, choose how you want your points tracked (calories or miles) and then connect any fitness device you have. I have a Jawbone UP so I connected that to my account. **by the way, Jawbone UP is on sale right now at Sears! Oh, and you get points with every purchase too!

FitStudio at Sears Helps You Get In Shape with Reward Points #Achieve15 #SearsBloggerSquad

Once you have connected your device and set up your account, you can start earning! Just make sure your device is set to workout mode and the device will auto upload daily to track you. Yesterday, I burned 890 calories by doing nothing, really, except chasing kids, and so I am thisclose to my first $5 in points!

As you log and earn, your points are saved to your Shop Your Way Rewards account. When you shop online or in store, you can choose to use your points or save them for the next purchase! It’s up to you!

In addition to tracking and earning, FitStudio.com is an amazing resource for everything from workouts to reviews of fitness products to finding a trainer! It is your one stop spot for monitoring your goals, helping you create a plan, challenging you to work harder and rewarding you too!

FitStudio at Sears Helps You Get In Shape with Reward Points #Achieve15 #SearsBloggerSquad

I absolutely love that Sears and FitStudio.com wants to reward us for taking care of us. With your points you can purchase anything online or in store at Sears or KMart. Almost all products have even more points that you get with purchase, which helps you earn even more even faster!

How are you motivated to get up and get out and work out? I am IN LOVE with FitStudio.com and can’t wait to earn real, spendable points just for taking care of me!

FitStudio at Sears Helps You Get In Shape with Reward Points #Achieve15 #SearsBloggerSquad

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