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About a month ago my brothers and I entered into a challenge. We all got an activity and sleep bracelet that tracks our daily activity. Now we are in serious competition to see who can do the best. I am winning… unless you ask my brothers. Now I am ready for an upgrade and have been checking out the highly recommended FitBit bracelets and monitors at Walmart.

Give the Gift of Fit with FitBit from Walmart

If you have not seen these wonderful contraptions that motivate and track, FitBit can change your daily routine. They can track steps, calories burned, time of activity, time of idleness and so on. They also track sleep – which we all should treat more as a commodity. They can tell you how many times you woke at night, how much deep sleep you got, how much light sleep and more.

Some FitBit attach to you or your clothing but my favorite is the bracelet. It is easy to wear, easy to blend into your outfit and I think, is the most accurate. In addition, it becomes so much a part of you that you feel bare without it! They also have the amazing new FitBit scales which I am really thinking of getting.

The Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale measures your weight, body fat percentage and body mass index (BMI) to provide a full picture of your weight management trends. This Wi-Fi-enabled scale helps you reach your weight goals by letting you set goals, track your progress effortlessly and stay motivated each and every day. Your stats automatically upload to your Fitbit dashboard through Wi-Fi, where you can get a more comprehensive view of your health and fitness and track your eating and exercise habits.’

Give the Gift of Fit with FitBit from Walmart

I mean, come on, as an active adult who plays tennis, walks with her kids and more, this scale could be a real motivator and energizer to keep going!

I have a friend who is getting a FitBit for her holiday gift! Be sure to get yours too or gift one to someone you love!

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