We are so excited to see FINDING DORY on Disney*Pixar’s lineup this year! The sequel to one of our favorites will be diving into theaters November 25, 2016.

Finding Dory in Theaters November 25, 2016

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“I have waited for this day for a long, long, long, long, long, long time. I’m not mad it took this long. I know the people at Pixar were busy creating ‘Toy Story 16.’ But the time they took was worth it. The script is fantastic. And it has everything I loved about the first one: It’s got a lot of heart, it’s really funny, and the best part is—it’s got a lot more Dory.” –Ellen DeGeneres

FINDING DORY in theaters November 25, 2016

FINDING DORY takes place about a year after FINDING NEMO, and will have many of our favorite fish family returning along with new characters who will prove very important to Dory’s life. Personally I think the best part of FINDING NEMO was Dory. She brought everyone together, and in her own quirky way. I wish more of us were a bit like Dory – swimming to our own current, and ready to trust with all our hearts.

Did you know Dory is the most liked animated character from any Disney*Pixar film with over 24 million likes! Are you a fan? Follow all the news for FINDING DORY on Facebook.