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I think I will rename my Fiber One Bars. What would you name them?

Picture it. The house is quiet. The kids are at school and the only noise is the sound of your tummy grumbling. But you are trying to make good decisions, have less sugar in your diet and to have more satisfying snacks. But all you see are the cookies you made for your kids afternoon snacks! You start to panic… you need something better. Something delicious. Something that you can sink your teeth into without the guilt. In your frantic search of your kitchen cabinets you see them. Those delicious bars of golden, lemony happiness that you stocked up on at Costco the other day. Then you see the Oats and Chocolate bars that dance before your taste buds. Fiber One is coming to the rescue with snacks we all love that now have 25% less sugar and are free of artificial flavors and colors. It’s like you hit a flavor home run without having to run the bases to burn off the extra sugar! There is just one problem. The names. Fiber One Lemon Bars and Fiber One Oats & Chocolate Bars just don’t do them justice. So help me. Help me rename Fiber One Bars!

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The Lemon Bars need a new name. Lat's share our ideas with Fiber One!

The Fiber One Lemon Bars are little bites of refreshing goodness that make me want to sit on the beach and sip coconut drinks with these stacked by my side. Since I can’t do that,  I think I will settle for relaxing in the kid’s tub with my feet up. So I am thinking a name like, ‘Tastes of Tropical Breezes…‘ as a replacement name for them. I think that is a much more accurate description than ‘Lemon Bars’. Don’t you? I wonder if I can sell Fiber One on that one.

Fiber One Bars are so good their names need to express it!

Now, for a snack that is more chewy and sweet and satisfying for those of us who sometimes need a little more of a rustic snack, the Fiber One Oats and Chocolate Bars are perfect. But the name… I mean, we can do better, right? So as I relax in my yard, dogs jumping around, the images of living on a prairie, soaking up the hot sun while riding on a tractor come to mind. I reach into my dungarees and grab by ‘Chocolate Rustic Chewy Happiness.’ I really need to work on my sales pitch to Fiber One. I really think renaming the bars is the key to making sure everyone stocks up on their delicious snacks.

Take a bite of Fiber One Oats & Chocolate Bars and transform yourself to a relaxing ranch.

As my panic subsides at the discovery that I was smart enough to stock up on Fiber One bars at Costco, I can return to the quiet house with a tummy that is happier.

Fiber One bars boast 25% less sugar and 100% more flavor.

Head to Costco to stock up so you are ready for snack time with 25% less sugar too! Now you get to help me out…  watch this video and them tell me what you would rename Fiber One bars!

Stock up on Fiber One bars at Costco!