Wandering through the store the other day, the girls and I stopped at their favorite part of the cold section: yogurt. We are HUGE yogurt fans here. From drinkables to add ins to tubes you can freeze. My tween and her sister’s eyes landed on new Yoplait® Go Big™ yogurt! These large tubes have more of what they love for their bigger appetite and can Feed Your Tween Spirit! My growing girls are amazing. They are good in school, kind to people and as active as kids should be. Katie, my 10 year old is huge into basketball now and Sarah, 9, is learning to roller skate thanks to her Aunt and Uncle. Every day they are growing and developing new interests and it is, honestly, the coolest thing to watch!

Feed Your Tween Spirit with Yoplait!

Katie is a really cool kid. Like, a really cool kid and I am not the only one who thinks so! Active and innovative, she was voted vice president of her conjoined class in 5th grade, is a leader in the ‘No Place for Hate’ anti-bullying club at school, which is an extension of her No Bullies Club she started in her elementary school, and has a heart that could, literally, teach is all a little about love and acceptance. She is starting to show some attitude and spunk but is the most wonderful kid to be around.

She is the leader in the house of the kiddos. She helps me with any chore I ask of her, often helping before I mention them, and helps her sisters with homework and anything else they need. An avid reader, her ideas and passion are evident within moments of meeting her. I could not be more proud of this kid. I can not believe that I get to be her mom.

Katie is all about fun so I need to feed her tween spirit!

Sarah is my buddy, my sidekick and my love that was born attached to me and is still that way. She is my mini me with all of my wonderful and not so amazing traits. Head strong and loving, she will give you everything she has just to see you smile. But if she gets an idea in her head, just let her go with it. She is probably going to make it reality and there will be no talking her out of it.

Sarah needs me to feed her tween spirit for new adventures!

Sarah is the kindest, most loving, most amazing child in the world. She has taught me the most about myself in our journey and I am so blessed that we still have a ways to go. She is my sports star and is most happy when she is active or doing something challenging. Like me, she thrives on chaos and it often the calm in the storm. I am so blessed with this little lady and can not even imagine how amazing she is going to be as an adult. She will make a difference somehow and you will know it!

Feed your tween spirit with bigger yoplait!

These girls are two of my three and both love Yoplait® Go Big™ yogurt. They love the Strawberry best and that it is portable and not gone in 2 bites! It opens differently than the smaller tubes and has a more ‘mature’ design! As you know, tweens are picky about being seen as a young child so these are perfect!

Learn more about Yoplait® Go Big™ yogurt and pick them up in store today!

Feed your tween spirit with Yoplait on store shelves

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