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As I scrolled through Facebook quickly before going to bed, I ran across an extraordinary confession from a mother.  The realization that your little pitter-patters have turned into full-grown adult steps, ready to take on the world, hit me like a ton of bricks.  Her words spoken from the heart, with all eighteen years of experience, bounced off my chest as tears formed in the corners of my eyes.  

fast forward

For as long as I can remember this clothesline has been used to hang dry uniforms. Tonight it is being used for the last time. Although tonight didn’t end with a Victory, this line has seen far too many victories to let defeat have the last word! Remember in life – defeat will never have the last word. We are so proud of you #10. Now, we turn a page. We are looking forward to the next chapter in your life!”   ~Susan E.~ (Photo by Susan E.)

Staring at a pile of laundry, clean or dirty and thinking “I love this,” said No Mother Ever!  Until now, until you realize your chores have lightened.  This stark realization that I am currently in just “a phase” of my life as a mother, and that it will all be over one day,  occurred to me at this moment.  Perhaps my “chores” are not something to frown upon.

fast forward

Washing and hang-drying my own children’s uniforms, tiny leotards and baseball pants, have taken on a new meaning for me.  Just reading her words lightens my chores; for they are not chores at all, but blessings.  When I contacted Susan about her picture and message, she added:

“I never dreamed it would be this hard; treasure every minute, they go by so fast.”

fast forward

Motherhood is an experience that we share and pass down for generations.  I feel like I have been given a precious peek into the future with her experiences, and an amazing opportunity share them with you.  Learning to let them walk away from everything that has made them “who they are” up to this point, is both exciting and heart-breaking as a parent.  

fast forward

As a senior in high school, with my prepared speech in hand, I read through all of our “last moments” as a class.  Looking around at all of the tear-stained faces in the crowd, and waves of parents with tissues to their faces, I never knew exactly why their tears were flowing.  I have not thought about that speech in many, many years, but now I can pinpoint why they were tearful.  Their parental chores were lightened that night.

Thank you, Susan, for sharing a glimpse into fast forward!  Best wishes as your wonderful children achieve greatness beyond imagination!

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