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Despite what some may think, board games are not a dying breed. Quality family time with game pieces, laughter and fun have not been replaced by the colorful screens of electronic devices. The fact that board games are so popular can be proven in households across America. Especially in mine. On August 12 a new Kickstarter campaign ‘kicks’ off that will make game night in your home with your young child that much more fun. Q’s Race to the Top, created by EQtainment, is engaging, emotionally educational, and ridiculously hysterical.
Q's Race to the Top by EQtainment #Qsracetothetop#PMedia #ad

EQtainment helps kids practice emotional intelligence through fun and affordable games, storybooks, and videos.  They are dedicated to helping kids understand self control, motivation and other skills that can lead to a high emotional quotient. These skills are valuable as they can aid kids through their entire lived in careers, relationships and more.

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You have read about many a game night with me and my kids. It is true, we have a closet full of every game imaginable. So when a new one comes out, I am all about putting it to the test. Some are successes in this house and some go to the closet to collect dust with the old coats until I finally clean it out and donate them.

Q's Race to the Top by EQtainment #Qsracetothetop#PMedia #ad

Q’s Race to the Top is going to be within easy reach for a very long time. I love it and my kids love it. In fact, though you can not reinvent the wheel, Q’s Race to the Top has managed to combine some of the best parts of board games all into one.

A three level game, Q’s Race to the Top combines emotional education, physical activity and manners in a counting, climbing and… well… a race to the top for all to enjoy. My kids are 5, 6 and 8 and all three laughed and played and immediately screamed, ‘Let’s play again!’ at the end.

Q's Race to the Top by EQtainment #Qsracetothetop#PMedia #ad

The premise is simple and timeless. Help your character count through the colorful squares all the way to the top. First one there, wins. One set of cards corresponding with one of the colors on the boards has kids get up and physically do something. Like stand on one leg while hopping and wiggling their arms. Laughter is the primary reaction to this one but the added hidden benefit is that kids get up and do!

Another set of cards is mainly focused on emotional understanding. How do you react when a child is mean to you on the playground? Have you ever been scared of the doctor and how did you deal with it? How do you tell a friend that you don’t like a gift they gave you? All of these cards ask things and have kids answer them honestly. As a mom, I love this and the discussions that come from them.

Q's Race to the Top by EQtainment #Qsracetothetop#PMedia #ad

The third color, or set of cards, is about Q and his life and how he acts. What should Q do if his toys are on the floor or how should he get an adults attention when they are talking to someone else? Manners and how to behave are explored in this set. Since manners are often hard to teach kids by just telling them, this set of cards is a valuable resource for any mom.

Q's Race to the Top by EQtainment #Qsracetothetop#PMedia #ad

The game is fun, colorful, and beneficial and a family game night must! I can’t wait to see how well this game does on Kickstarter. As a mom trying to teach my kids to understand their emotions, to learn good manners and to love getting up and being active, this game catches all three in one. It is a definite play again choice!

Q's Race to the Top by EQtainment #Qsracetothetop#PMedia #ad


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