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Experience More Together with the Exciting Facebook Portal from Best Buy

The day the Facebook Portal with Alexa arrived at my home was exciting. The day I could gift one to my parents was even better! This thing is COOL, y’all. Like really, really COOL! Not only can you keep in touch with family and friends near and far but you can hook up your Alexa and use it that way too! This was meant to let anyone Experience More Together! It is easy to set up and use, fun to utilize and beautiful to look at!

What is Facebook Portal?

Experience More Together with the Exciting Facebook Portal

Facebook Portal is a home video communication device that makes it easier to connect more regularly with the most important people in your life, and share the little everyday moments that relationships are built on. Connecting through Portal feels less like being on a video call and more like being together in the same room, even when you’re miles apart.

So that is the ‘official definition. The definition from a user is that this is an innovative and fun way to stay in touch with others on a more human level than texting. The best part, though, is that I can move around and the camera will follow me. So instead of having to stop what I am doing to talk through a small screen, I can continue to move around and do what I need to do while talking!

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Experience More Together with the Exciting Facebook Portal and let them connect

Who Benefits from Facebook Portal?

Everyone!!! But, to be honest, I think my parents are going to enjoy it the most. Without having to look at a small phone screen, they can connect with their grandchildren easily. All they have to do is push my photo on the screen though Facebook or say, ‘Hey Portal, call Lori’. They don’t have to hunt around for my number or through their contacts list!

My girls also have a beloved cousin that does not live close. They LOVE that they can call and talk to her face to face and that all three can be on the same call!

Experience More Together with the Exciting Facebook Portal and see pics

Facebook Portal allows you to connect via video more frequently and naturally than is possible with existing video chat technology.

Is Facebook Portal Safe?

Facebook Portal uses your Facebook account to work. So you can access photos, videos and more just like you can on Facebook. No information from your calls are kept and, if you don’t like having the camera open, you can use the included camera cover to hide it. The Portal will still ring and you can remove it to use the camera!

Experience More Together with the Exciting Facebook Portal and watch video

In addition, you can set the Facebook Portal to not take calls when you are away!

Check out all of the details about the Facebook Portal with Alexa and start streaming more natural live video in your home! You will LOVE the camera that follows you and zooms in and out to keep you and others in focus. You will LOVE hooking up Alexa so that you can utilize the device through Facebook Portal. You will LOVE the versatility and fun of the entire system!

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