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It is a well known fact that I have issues taking care of my house properly. But one thing I do almost every day is vacuum my living room area rug.  Between Cheerios, crunched up chips, popcorn kernels and more, my living room rug takes the brunt of it. Almost every day my kids come home and have a snack in the living room while they watch a show. It’s our ‘unwind’ routine but it leaves a mess! So, before I go to bed I pull out my vacuum and try to get everything up. But my current vacuum is no match for all they leave. So, I went to Walmart, bought a Eureka AirSpeed All Floors vacuum, and put it to the test. I have been reading from fellow bloggers that it is pretty darn good on carpet, as well as floors and upholstery. Well, now I put it to the test!

Eureka AirSpeed All Floors vacuum #EurekaPower #CollectiveBiasStep one. Let kids in after school. Step two. Let them snack. Step three. Use the vacuum to see if it really can pick everything up. In a timely manner. Without wearing my arm out. Step four. Let my daughter blame it all on me! Step five. Be incredibly impressed at the one pass clean up!

Check out the awesome results below!

To back up a little… As I put the vacuum together, I was struck by how light weight it is. My old Dyson was SO heavy! At the time I bought it, I had heard it was the best on the market. But after just a few years, the plastic around the ball had cracked and the suction was significantly reduced. So, I put it in the garage and am looking for the Eureka to out perform. It is already easier to move around and was way easier to put together!

Eureka AirSpeed All Floors vacuum #EurekaPower #CollectiveBias

But what really impressed me the most is that it picked up the things that my other vacuum would need two or three passes with in one pass. While I was holding a camera. And while my 4 year old was using the tool tube to try to clean up on her own.

The other thing that was noticeably different from the other one is that it really battled pet hair! M new couch always has little hairs from the dogs that transfer to our clothes. I can not stand having someone sit on my couch and then get up with dog hair on their behind. Though I try to keep the dogs off, the hair still transfers! Check out how the hand tool sucked up the dog hair, again with one pass!

Now, I don’t know about you. But having a vacuum that is lightweight, powerful enough to suck anything off of my carpet and couches AND hard tile floors (no kick back guys!), is a tool I need in my home. It is funny, but when you turn it on, you can actually feel the suction and it is way more powerful than my other bag less upright!

Eureka AirSpeed All Floors vacuum #EurekaPower #CollectiveBias

I am glad I picked up this vacuum, for a fraction of the price of a Dyson, at Walmart! My nighttime vacuuming chore just got a lot easier and faster!

What vacuum do you have? How do you think the All Floor Vacuum from Eureka can make vacuuming a lot easier for you? I would love to hear!

Eureka AirSpeed All Floors vacuum #EurekaPower #CollectiveBias

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