I can finally announce my BIG news!!

Last year, I was offered and opportunity with a product that I could not refuse! For a while now, I have been taking Estroven Weight Management to help deal with the early stages of Menopause that I have. Yes, I am younger at 41, but I have had several doctors tell me that the ‘weird’ symptoms I am experiencing are just the beginning. So when I was offered a trial  a year ago, I jumped on it. I saw great results -such as better sleep patterns and mood stability – and continued to take it even after the campaign. So when they approached me to be this year’s spokesperson for the product, I was more than happy to get on a plane, head to New York and sit for an all day video and photo shoot!

estroven weight manangement

Changing your ways to control your symptoms like menopause weight is really easy. The product helps control night sweats and helps with your sleep patterns which can directly affect your weight management. I have found that I am much rested and get more sleep when I take it.

Be sure to click the link above and get your $5 OFF Coupon for Estroven Weight Management. I will also be hosting a Twitter Party February 6, 2014 where I will giving away video cameras and product! Stay tuned for that link! Throughout this year I will also be hosting Google hangouts and giveaways where you can WIN!

So bookmark me and check out the Changing Ways website to learn more about my story and what Estroven Weight Management can do to help you!

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