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Elena of Avalor Luminaries are easy to make

If you have young child at home, you know that Elena of Avalor has taken them into a world of excitement and culture that can not be found anywhere else. With a Latin and Hispanic flair, she makes mistakes, learns from them and carries on to her new adventures, all on her way to becoming queen of her kingdom! My girls fell in love with Elena of Avalor a little while back and are always excited about watching her navigate teenage-hood without getting into too much mischief. I love that she uses compassion for others as a trait for a true leader and teaches the value of kindness to my kids.

Elenda of Avalor is a character with character

As a mom who also loves finding books for kids, I am excited about the new holiday release, Elena of Avalor: Feliz NavidadThis enchanting book by Disney-Hyperion is colorful, fun and engaging for my kids. Elena decides to host one big Navidad celebration in the park so that everyone can celebrate together. But each community is more interested in proving that their traditions are the best. Can Elena help her subjects see what the holidays are really about?

Elena of Avalor has a new holiday book out!

As a fun idea for Christmas, I decided to make Elena of Avalor Luminaries for the windows. Since I am not terribly crafty, I decided to focus on the beautiful flower she wears in her hair. Usually, she has an apricot mallow, a flower native to Southern California and Mexico, but for this book, it looks like she has a Poinsettia. So I used that idea to make these beautiful luminaries!

What you need for Elena of Avalor Luminaries:

Supplies for Elena of Avalor Luminaries

  • Paper bags, preferably white
  • Exacto Knife
  • LED lights or small candles in glass
  • Stock paper, colored is OK
  • Printout of Poinsettia to trace
  • glue
  • Sparkling, stick-able jewels

Start by measuring how big the card stock needs to be to slide into the front of the bag.  Cut the card stock around the bag.

Measure and cut the card stock for the Elena of Avalor luminary

Take the picture of the poinsettia and, using the exacto knife, cut gently inside the leaves, leaving the edges in tact.

Trace the image onto the card stock for Elena of Avalor luminaries

You will not cut all the way through. That is fine. You will complete the total cut later. Once the flower is ‘traced’ by the knife on the card stock, remove the photo of the poinsettia.

Cut the image through to pull out the pieces for the Elena of Avalor luminaries

Using the knife, completely cut through the card stock until you can pull the pieces out. It is OK if it is not perfect. Mistakes won’t show if you don’t cut through the smaller parts.

Pull all of the pieces out completely for the Elena of Avalor luminaries

With a glue stick, gently glue the back of the card stock and slide it into the bag, adhering it to the front.

Stick the card stock into the bag for the Elena of Avalor Luminaries

Add you stick-able jewels to enhance the flower!

Add jewels to the Elena of Avalor Luminary

Put your candle or light in and enjoy the beautiful luminaries all season long!

Elena of Avalor Luminaries are easy to make

About Elena of Avalor

The fable, set in an unspecified time period, incorporates influences from diverse Latin and Hispanic cultures. It introduces Elena as a brave and adventurous teenager who saves her kingdom from an evil sorceress and must now learn to rule as crown princess until she is old enough to be queen. Elena’s journey will lead her to understand that her new role requires thoughtfulness, resilience and compassion, the traits of all truly great leaders.

Elena of Avalor new holiday book

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