The Education for ALL Children, #SimplySaid, Matters!


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Education for all children matters. Sign a Letter of Hope to inspire now.

The woman writing this story knows what it is like to go without. Without food, without water, without clothing. But at age 6, I was taken from poverty and later adopted into a life of education, love and plenty at age 8. But there are children around this world that have no chance of breaking that cycle. Ever. They will be raised in poverty and raise their children in poverty. No one will get an education and it will be very hard to break the cycle. But with our help, and the help is simple, we can help inspire and motivate kids in countries where getting a continual education is the most difficult thing to do. We can show that Education of ALL Children is important to us all. Watch Inspirational Stories, a global humanitarian organization that fights poverty by empowering girls and women, asked students in developing countries to tell the world what inspires and challenges them. Now it is our turn to sign the letter of hope that will  help CARE inspire them even more!

Education for all children is hard around the world. We can help inspire kids everywhere!

I just want to make this point and encourage you to sign the Letter of Hope because it matters. How do I know it matters? Tonight, after picking up my daughter and the carpool kids, we went to the middle school book fair. Excited about books, she wanted to stop off at her locker to grab her list. I saw, on her door, held there by a magnet, a note I had written to her the first week of school. All it said was that I was proud of her. It meant so much to her that she put it where she could see it every day.

Education for all children goes beyond our neighborhood

That is what these kids need. Some encouragement, support, love and unwavering faith that they can overcome by working hard and getting that education they desire. Because, if you ask these kids, they have real barriers that can make it hard.

Help kids know that education for all children matters.

You can learn their stories and why they fear that child marriage, obligations to the family and a lack of supplies and educational tools will hold them back. You can learn why breaking the cycle is so hard. And you can learn that their dreams are just like ours.

Take 2 minutes out of your day to sign the letter of hope. You never know where they will hang it to keep them going!