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Born 41 years ago to a family who had too many kids and too little resources to care for them, I was not supposed to – by statistics – be much of anything. But as I grew and had some really amazing people in my life to guide me, I realized that there was nothing that I could not do. So, like any other child in the world, I was born to be something. A writer as it turns out. Not a great one… but one that I can be proud of.  The March of Dimes and eBay want you to tell them what you were born to do. CURATE A COLLECTION with eBay and you could WIN $5,000 AND help donate $1 per collection to the March of Dimes!

Curate for a Cause #ImBornTo

All children deserve a shot at becoming what they were born to be. So this easy sweepstakes is a great chance for you to WIN but a more important chance for you to help kids grow into their potential!

Here are the details:

Go to www.ebay.com/curateforacause, sign on to eBay with your eBay User ID and password and click “Get Started”. Once you have successfully registered for the Sweepstakes, you will receive one (1) entry in the Sweepstakes each time you create a Collection during the Promotion Period.

A Collection consists of six (6) or more eBay products and the title must start with with the hashtag #ImBornTo. Each Collection you create must be unique in order for the Collection to be eligible an as entry.

Online sweepstakes entries must be received by 11:59:59 PM PT on March 31, 2014 in order to be eligible.

Here are some fun ideas for Collections:

#imbornto play in the big leagues
#imbornto be a mom
#imbornto be a race car driver
#imbornto feed the world my cuisine
#imbornto be a farmer of organic food
#imbornto be a vegetarian
#imbornto be a home designer
#ImBornTo be a fashion designer
#ImBornTo drive classic cars
#ImBornTo photograph memories.

My collection included a laptop, a tablet, how to write books and more! It was so easy and so fun and now, I have donated $1 in less than 5 minutes to the March of Dimes!

Curate for a Cause #ImBornTo

Get started now by signing into your eBay account and creating your collection!

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