A few years back, after we moved into this house, we hit a rough spot.  Bills were just coming in faster than money was and necessary repairs on the house were taking a lot of our savings.  As I watched the bleed, I racked my brain on ways to bring in some extra income and take some of the pressure off of my husband’s shoulders.  The easy answer was to go back to work but with three children under 4, that was just impossible!

So, I stayed up one night and “cleaned house”.  I took all of my things still in boxes – toys, dresses with tags still on them, shoes that had never been worn, movies that had never been opened – and listed them all on EBay.  Once sold and shipped, I had earned over $500 in less than 10 days!  All from new things I had in the house that were just taking up space!  That is the power of eBay.

I still list every once in a while.  But, there are families that have made a living of selling on eBay.  And though it seems easy to say, “Just list it and sell it!”, there is an art form to it! And it used to take time and practice to learn the ins and outs.

Not Anymore!

Now with eBay’s Moneymaker Video series, you can watch a families discuss how they have turned eBay into an income source!

Watch the first family video featuring The O’Briens and how they turned a job loss with a growing family into a possitive by earning on eBay!

I get a lot of emails and comments on my Facebook Page about my readers struggling this holiday season as single parents, no income families and families with special needs children.  And my heart goes out to them.  So I feel very fortunate that I can share this information and The O’Brien’s success story so that maybe some of you can take advantage and start earning immediately.

I feel even more fortunate that, thanks to eBay, I can offer one of my readers a $25 eBay gift card!  The winners card will be MAILED so I am doing a quick giveaway so there is time to get it before Christmas!


Tell me what you could sell in your home and how you want to use the extra money you will earn by selling on eBay!

That’s it!

Giveaway ends Decemeber 17, 2011 at 11:59pm CST.

GOOD LUCK to everyone!

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