As with any holiday, I search for the best ways to help my kids celebrate with their classroom friends. I get tired of the lollipops with the notes attached or the typical stuff. I was walking through the store the other day and came across the cutest small Chinese take out carrier type snack boxes. I asked the kids what they would put in them. On said pretzels, one said cheerios and one said CANDY! So, we went on a hunt for Easy Valentine Treats that would be perfect to stuff into these cute containers!

Easy Valentine Treats

The ingredients are easy.

Carry Containers (these were $2 for 6), Honey Nut Cheerios, Twisty Pretzels (I used the low fat generic brand), marshmallows and Valentine Candy Corn. You can use Valentine M&M’s too, but I could not find them in store. Order them online and they will be there in plenty of time!

Mix anything you want into them and have the kids help fill the containers! I am going to put my mix into a little plastic baggie and tie it with red ribbon so that is stays fresher for the kids. But make sure you use a thin string so that there is more room for the treat mixture!

Easy Valentine Treats

I am constantly scouring my Pinterest account for more great ideas! When you have three kids in three different classes and more than 60 kids to treat, it can get expensive! I can do all of these boxes, once per child for under $30. When I add the teacher gifts of Valentine M&Ms in a Jar, I am coming out under $40. Not bad for 4 teachers and a slew of kids!

Now I am on the mad hunt for crafts for them! I am the Homeroom mom so I need something good! So if you know of anything, please let me know!

How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day with your kids?

Easy Valentine Treats

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