This is such a fun little craft for anyone who wants to do something special on Valentine’s day on a budget! My girls and I are going to make these in a few weeks for neighbors! I thought I would share them now so you can start preparing too! Valentine M&Ms in a Jar are fun and pretty!

valentines jar

Starting out is easy. You just need a few things.

I ordered my wide mouth mason jars online and they should be here in no time! I also ordered a pack of Valentine ribbon so that all of my jars have a different tie! How fun is that?

I also ordered the round stick on labels for the Happy Valentine’s Day stickers for the top of the jars. And to make my life even easier, I also went ahead and ordered the Valentine’s M&Ms too!

Everything will come to my door and I will be set to create these fun jars in no time. I just need to make sure my red ink is ready on my computer for the labels!

Be sure to wash the jars before you fill them with M&Ms. Make sure they are completely dry as well! M&Ms sticking to the sides will be hard when the giftee goes to open these!

Valentine M&Ms in a Jar
Prep time
Total time
Create these fun Valentine M&Ms in a Jar for someone you love!
Recipe type: Food Craft
Cuisine: Dessert
  • 1 bag Valentine M&M's
  • 1 Pint Mason Jar
  1. Fill jar with M&Ms.
  2. glue printable on lid.
  3. Decorate with ribbon.

These jars are so easy to do and you can do them for any occasion! Think Easter jars with pastel M&Ms or Halloween jars with candy corn!  You can also dress them up with different ribbons and labels. How fun would these be for baby shower gifts! Write ‘It’s a Boy’ or ‘It’s a Girl’ or do a mix of blue and pink candy and write ‘Guess the Baby’.

Valentine's M&Ms in a Jar

Use these as awesome name plates on a fun and festive table. Create fun jars for the occasion and use the labels to put people names on!

There are so many possibilities! The important thing is that this very easy food craft is so fun and special for anyone who receives them!

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