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This Princess Updo is easier than you think!

As you guys know, the girls and I embarked on a Disney trip last week. It included two days at Disney World and a three day Disney Cruise upon the Disney Wonder. From day one, Megan, my youngest and most Princess obsessed wanted a Princess makeover. She saw other little girls with it and begged and begged. While on the boat we headed to the Bippidi Boppidi Boutique! We set her appointment and her Princess makoever was underway! I am not a ‘girlie’ mom so I paid really close attention and was able to successfully replicate the Easy Princess Updo when we got home. I thought I would pass on how to do it to you so you can help your little girls her hair too!

What you need for an Easy Princess Updo

An easy Princess Updo starts with the right tools

A child with shoulder length or longer hair.

Hairbrush (we use out WetBrush because my kids have really sensitive heads and it glides easier)

2 hairbands (try to use the ones that stretch wide but shrink easily. Especially for the top)

Donut Bun Maker (you can choose the size based on the child’s hair)

Hair glitter (I found mine at Justice)

Bun Tiara 

2 bobby pins

Hairnet for shorter updo’s

Start by having your child sit facing away from you. Using the brush, you can also use a fine toothed comb to get an even smoother look, brush the hair to the top of the head. You can add gel at this point but I did it without it. Once the hair is up and smooth, wrap an elastic hairband around it, pulling it tight, forming a high ponytail.

Start the Easy Princess Updo with a high ponytail

Feed the ponytail through the Donut Bun Maker.

Use the Donuy Bun Maker on the Easy Princess Updo for Kids

Brush the hair over the bun maker to cover evenly.

Comb the hair over for the Easy Princess Updo for Kids

Take the second hairband and slip it over the bun maker, locking the hair in.

Lock the hair over in the Easy Princess Updo for Kids

With your fingers, gently wrap the extra hair around the base of the bun, tucking it in. Be gentle during this and do small pieces of hair at once.

Gently pull the hair around the bun for the Easy Princess Updo for Kids

Make the hair smooth with the Easy Princess Updo for Kids

If your child has shirt hair and pieces are sticking out, use a hair net to tame it. Preferably one the color of your child’s hair. Lay it over the bun and gently twist the end until tight. Fold the overflow under the bun and pin in if needed.

How to make an Easy Princess Updo for shorter hair

Use a hairnet for the Easy Princess Updo for shorter hair

Gently twist the hairnet around the Easy Princess Updo

The hairnet keeps the shorter hair for the Easy Princess Updo contianed

Now for the tiara. Using the bobby pins, gently attach from behind, securing from both sides into the bun.

Use a bun tiara to top off the Easy Princess Updo for Kids

Take your glitter and spray it over the whole updo!

Spray glitter to add shine to the Easy Princess Updo for Kids

Wala, your princess awaits!

Pretty impressed with myself this morning as I was able to replicate the Princess bun as done on the ship, glitter and all, for my Megs!!

Posted by A Day in Motherhood on Monday, February 13, 2017

Obviously, mine is not as good as the ladies on the cruise did. Theirs were near perfection! But for a mom at home who does not have the magic they do, I think this turns out so cute and fun!