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An easy family picnic is as simple as laughter

There was a meme that was going around Facebook that said ‘I survived my Texas Winter; Jan 6-9‘. It was a joke, obviously,  but, here in South Texas, we don’t have long, hard winters. In fact, I cannot even tell you the last time it snowed. What we do have are hot, sticky summers that last 9 months of the year. While I, personally, would choose hot over cold any day of the week, there are times that it is just too hot to even go outside. So when Springtime comes, I want to be out with my kids, soaking up the rays, watching them laugh and enjoy childhood. As a mom who is striving to live a healthier lifestyle by working out and eating better, I want to raise my kids in that way too. Something as simple as a picnic with easy foods and Nestlé® Pure Life® Water, which is in our fridge all the time anyway, and fresh air at our local duck pond and park, can help me keep my word to my kids that I will raise them with a love for living healthier!

Kids can be kids at an easy family picnic

Head to your local park for an easy family picnic

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Water is always a part of an easy family picnic

Let them fly off the swing at an easy family picnic

Walking through Sam’s Club the other day, stocking up on corn tortillas, lunch meats, cheeses and plenty of fruits, I came across the Nestlé® Pure Life® Water that I always buy. Now, though, they have added 5 MORE bottles to the pack! Instead of 35 bottles, which was the standard before, I get 40 bottles of half-liter, pure, crisp water for my family. As a mom who has successfully, so far, raised her kids to choose water over any other drink, those 5 more bottles matter! Case in point; I cleaned out my car yesterday to have it detailed and there were 7 water bottles in it. This is after I had it washed late last week! So we really go through them! I tossed them into the recycle bin happy they they are the drink of choice.

Get more water for your buck for your easy family picnic

Shop Sam's Club for your easy family picnic needs

People say ‘water does not taste’ but I can defiantly taste the difference in brands, filtered water from a fridge and tap water. I love that Nestlé® Pure Life® Water is filtered through a 12-step quality process. To ensure great taste, they enhance thier water with a unique blend of minerals. My kids love it too which matters to me!

Take TONS of Water

Drink a ton of water at your easy family picnic

I bet you can guess that my first tip for packing more into your picnic than food is to have a ton of water! Hydration is everything to the human body and when the temp and activity go up, the water needs to go down in healthy amounts. Whether you are headed out to your child’s soccer game or running the school concession stand, water always needs to be a part of the day. Nestlé Pure Life is committed to delivering pure, great-tasting water to you and your family!

Drinking water keeps your easy family picnic going

They can be kids at an easy family picnic

Pack Simple, Easy Food for your Easy Family Picnic

Now that you have your water, let’s talk food. The key to a picnic, at least as I have learned, is to keep it simple, fast and delicious. I spent less than 10 minutes packing up this entire picnic so that I could get outside with my kids enjoying the sunshine and laughter!

Pack easy food for your easy family picnic

Meat and Cheese Quesadillas

You will need:

Corn Tortillas

Ghee Butter (or regular butter)

Slice of all natural ham

Slice of all natural, organic cheese

Make quesadillas for an easy family picnic idea

Butter one side of each tortilla. Place one butter side down in the pan. Add the ham, cheese slice and second tortilla, butter side up. Cook a few minutes and flip to cook the other side. The object is to warm throughout. Pull them out of the skillet, let sit for a minute to cool and then cut them. Place in an airtight container and pack away.

Cut the quesadillas and take them with you to an easy family picnic

I also added an air tight container of grapes, a few bananas and some store bought cookies. Easy, simple foods that will give me and the kids energy to play at the duck pond all day long!

Pick a Place with Multiple Activities

Let them play at an easy family picnic

Exercise and activity is spurred in kids with things to do. While a nice hike or picnic people watching in the park is nice, I like to choose places that encourage movement. Our neighborhood duck pond has swings, a play set, ducks to chase and fun to be had all around. So packing my simple picnic and taking my kids there for as long as they want is a winner for me!

Let them be kids at an easy family picnic

They use their arms to swing across the monkey bars, the swings to use their legs to get as high as they can and their imagination as they feed the duck and have ongoing conversations with them. It also offers picnic tables that we can sit on and chat, which I love because it promotes the family bond!

Let their personality shine at an easy family picnic

I also love the multiple activities because it really lets their personalities come out! Kids are FUN, y’all, and mine keep me entertained all day long!

Choosing to live a better life for myself trickles down to my children. Teaching them to choose water first is as easy as my choosing water first. Teaching them to choose better foods is a direct result of my doing so. Getting and staying active is mirrored when I do the same.

Let them shine at an easy family picnic

How are you making better choices for your family? Where do you take water to make sure you are always hydrated?