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Easy Bunny Jars to Celebrate Easter

Want a super simple craft that will wow everyone you give them to? These Easy Bunny Jars bring nothing but smiles and fun to any celebration! Think Easter table decor, teacher gifts, kids gifts! They are easy to make, totally customization and festive as well!

Easy Bunny Jars to Celebrate Easter and fun

Here is how we did it:

Bunny Jars
Make these for fun table decor or for kids!
Recipe type: Craft
  • Glass Jars
  • Chocolate Bunnies or Marshmallow Bunnies
  • Mini chocolate Easter eggs
  • Green shredded gift filler paper
  • 1 bag of Raffia
  1. remove lid from jars
  2. place desired amount of shredded green paper for the grass in the bottom of jar. It was difficult to get it to the bottom of jar so I used a ruled to push it down.
  3. Insert bunny into center of green paper.
  4. Gently drop the mini eggs around the bunny without hitting it as they could break the bunny if it is fragile.
  5. Replace lid on the jar
  6. Take 2 piece of Raffia and tie bow around top of jar.
  7. Cut remaining end off at desired length

Easy Bunny Jars to Celebrate Easter suppliesGlass jars – We all think Mason jars when it comes to this kind of craft. But I did not want writing on my jars. So I went to the same area and got the smooth glass with the widest mouths. Make sure that you get one tall enough for your bunnies. I used the 16 ounce jars.

Easy Bunny Jars to Celebrate Easter add grassRaffia – I could not find this to save my life in stores. My assistant finally found some but I think ordering it online is the best bet.

Easy Bunny Jars to Celebrate Easter add the eggs

Bunnies – we got an assortment and were surprised at how many did not fit quite right in the jars. So make sure you have a variety of sizes and shapes to make these work!

Easy Bunny Jars to Celebrate Easter and admire

These were super fun to make and even easier than expected.

Have fun with it, try different grass or even different bunnies. This should be a FUN craft!

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