I was told about this book and thought it a great one to share!  I have ordered Dubs Goes to Washington from Amazon via CreateaSpace and got FREE Prime Shipping and will get  in  in plenty of time for Christmas.  See the author notes below and see why I want this book under my tree this year!


Dubs Goes to Washington… and Discovers the Greatness of America (Only $9.99 on Amazon) is a book that teaches young children their first patriotic lessons.

The star of the book is Dubs, our adorable golden retriever. Dubs has lost his beloved tennis ball in Washington, D.C. Your kids and grandkids – and, in fact, all kids from 4-8 – will love helping Dubs find it – and, in the process, will discover what makes America such an exceptional nation.

We decided to write this book because we couldn’t find books for our young friends that teach them about our great country, our important institutions, and our heroes. Too often, our schools and publishers ignore these important subjects or relegate them to adults. But, as we all know, you’re never too young to be a patriot!

Dubs Goes to Washington… gives parents and grandparents the perfect vehicle for introducing our patriotic heritage to children aged four to eight. This delightful history and civics lesson will be a favorite bedtime story for your family. Kids will learn a little about our founding fathers, our patriotic traditions, the message of our national monuments, and the importance of our war heroes who fought for our freedom.

These beautifully illustrated lessons show some of the things that make America an exceptional nation. And it’s fun for kids, too. Dubs’ yellow tennis ball is hidden in each of the drawings, and kids have to search to find it. We know you’re proud of what makes America great. Now you and Dubs can remind your little ones of our cultural and historical foundations. Take a trip through Washington with Dubs!