**This is a sponsored post for Dove and Walmart. All opinions are my own.**

I am not going to lie… my hair is a mess. I used to have healthy, beautiful hair that could easily be tames to at least be straight with a flat iron and not move from there. Add a divorce, age, my body changing due to hormones and I am now a thin haired lady with nothing much to do but put it in a pony tail! It is frustrating and even my kids ask me why I don’t do something else with it! Thanks to Dove® and Walmart, I might be able to finally tame my Mom hair and create something beautiful again!

Dove at Walmart
One of the biggest issues we have as women is getting our hair to do what we want without damaging it. Walmart and Dove® have teamed up to help us learn how to get curls without an iron, how to make our color stay and much more! Check out the video below!

Dove Hair

Shopping at Walmart for your awesome Dove® products makes sense. The prices are always right, the selection is excellent and we all know Dove® works! My issue of taming frizzy, thin hair and preventing further damage with hairdryers and flattening rods can be solved with the right products!

We all do it. We all put ourselves last and take care of our kids and families first. And then we wake up one day and wonder why the beautiful, thick, silky hair we used to have no longer does what we want! Using Dove® can help tame our mommy hair and return it to it’s previous glory!

Dove at Walmart
Now, I know what you are thinking. What do I choose? How can I tame my mommy hair and actually be successful – unlike taming my 3 year old – and the answer is Dove®. Check out the video above and learn from their tips!

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