A few weeks ago I was incredibly honored to have been invited to California to tour the Warner’s Brother’s lot.  Not only did I get to stand and take photos of some of my favorite show sets  -yes that is me on the set of FRIENDS! – and meet an amazing group of bloggers, I got to find out about a new, innovative app that will help me privatize my photos!

outmywindow is a NEW app (currently for iPhone – Android coming SOON) from Warner Brothers that solves some key issues in the photo sharing world!  Basically, you get to share your photos with those you love – and ONLY those you love – and truly keep them private!  They can not be found online in a search for “baby eats peas and it is so gross… but oh so cute”, copied or snipped and used on any social media site they choose!  Yes, it has happened that family photos have ended up on blog posts, foreign company ads and more!

Check out this awesome video below:

Think of it as the second set of prints you got at the photo printing counter.  You did not hand out the extras to strangers on the street who just happened to be walking by!  You handed them out to those you loved and those who you cared about.  And mom and dad did not turn around and hand the photos to perfect strangers.  They cherished them and keep them close to heart.

That is the basic premise of outmywindow and one of the reasons I, personally, love it.

As a blogger who shares absolutely everything I do online with my 25,000+ Facebook fans and 12,500+ Twitter followers, I can expect that some people I don’t care to see my photos are going to see them.  Either by share or retweet or Pin, it is going to happen.  And I accept that risk.  I also accept the risk that on social media sites, my photos are no longer mine when they are published.  Anyone, a friend, a fan, a friend of a fan, can use the snipping tool and cut and paste my daughter’s faces to whatever they want.

I currently have no control of my photos when they go public. 

As a result, there are a lot of photos that I never publish and get buried instead of going to those who really want to see them. With outmywidow I can now safely share those photos and keep them to myself!  They are mine!  No one can see them but me and the very few people I share them with!

Honestly, in this world of share everything, it is nice to know that I can keep some things private again!

Download outmywindow and see for yourself how easy and fun it is to share those precious and personal photos with those you love.  It takes less than a minute to download and sign up and you can start sharing with those you love instantly.  You do have the option to share the pictures on social media, but the thing is – it is up to YOU to do so!

I love, love, love this app!  I have already sent amazing, yet personal, photos that I only want certain people to see, to my little circle and am thrilled to hear comments from them about how much they love them.  This is a FANTASTIC app for moms!


Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think!  Solve the sharing overload problem and keep your photos to yourself!

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**I will receive no compensation for this trip aside from travel and hotel.  My opinions and writings are my own.  Please see my disclosures page for more information.**