Last week, my girls and I were invited back to the Houston Zoo by TXU Energy to catch a few more attractions!

Once I actually beat the Houston traffic and got there, the girls and I walked around looking at the animals.  We stuck to the indoor, air conditioned exhibits because it was SO hot outside!  Luckily, at the Houston Zoo, there are a ton of indoor animals to see.  From fish to reptiles, to sea otters.  The girls loved them all!

By the time our hosts got to us, we were ready to climb on the cart and be taken to the main attraction of our visit!

Located in The African Forest, Dora & Diego’s 4D Adventure is nothing but pure, exciting, fun and perfect for my Dora addict, Sarah!

The first part of the 4D – which basically is a 3D movie with actual effects you can feel, like rain and wind, and the seats shake with the movie (very cool!) –   is the wonderful and endearing movie, Planet Earth:  From Pole to Pole 4D.

Katie, Sarah and I loved the baby polar bears, the baby elephants and the colorful sea life.  There is only one part that I think would bother the smallest of children and that is when a shark grabs a seal.  It is not graphic at all, no blood or even eating motions, and really, it is one of the most beautiful parts of the movie.

As the water misted the audience, the shark is in mid air, water spewing in 4D, perfectly poised in elegant nature.

But Megan was too young and possibly even Sarah.  Though she seemed fascinated to be honest!

But the rest of the movie is AMAZING!

Dora & Diegos’ 4D Adventure was the highlight for sure!  My girls laughed and yelled out and reached out to touch Dora, Diego, Boots and the crew!  They laughed as their seats moved and shook, bubbles and mist was sprayed out over the audience, and even commented on how the theater smelled like a forest!  I watched my girls interact with their favorite characters and was so thrilled to have been invited to see it!

Check out a clip here!

With tickets only being $5.00 for non Houston Zoo members and $4.00 for Zoo members, I think it is money well spent!

After the kids were happy with Dora 4D and begging to see it again, we hopped on our courtesy golf cart and went to the Giraffe exhibit.

At our last visit to the Zoo we paid $5.00 and fed the Giraffes.  And then we went and bought baby giraffes in the gift shop and both Megan and Sarah sleep with them every night.  So going back to see the giraffes rivaled the Dora 4D experience!

Every time I see these majestic animals, I am amazed.  The “stud” of the group stand 19 feet tall!  19 feet!  I am 5′ 1″.

The girls got to walk right up and and feed the giraffes for a good 10 minutes.  During that time I took in the brand new giraffe house, the baby giraffe sitting comfortably by his mother, and the general ambiance of the amazing exhibit.  And the girls were on cloud nine!

When we’d given the giraffes a good start on lunch, it was time to bid adieu to our hosts, Brian Hill, Rochelle Joseph, and Christine Warren, and head over to the carousel! 

And then it was time to take my hot, tired children and head home.  We were so happy that we got to see the special exhibits that the Houston Zoo has to offer and I am so appreciative to TXU and the Zoo staff for making us feel so welcome!

There is still time before school starts to plan a special day at the Zoo with your family!  Check out the Plan Your Day page on the Zoo’s website for more information!

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