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Make a Donation Backpack for Back to School #BTSLikeaBoss ad

With Back to School in full swing and kids heading back with school supplies brimming over, I am often reminded of the kids that don’t have as much as we do. So every year, the girls and I create a donation backpack that we give to the front office. They can then choose the children who need help having everything they need to make their year just as successful as any other child. I am a firm believer that no matter how stressful back to school shopping is for me, some wish that they could get their kids everything they need as well! Another way I like to donate to schools is through Box Tops. So as I shopped at Walmart for my supplies, I also stocked up on Kimberly Clark Items like Viva paper towels, Scott bath tissue and Kleenex tissues because they have extra Box Tops on them. Using these items and more, I made my donation backpack and am ready to head back to school!

The Backpack

You don’t have to spend a lot on the donation backpack but it should be new, clean and reliable to last all year. Walmart had some great ones that I buy that were less than $20. Considering kids often use the same ones year after year, long past their use, I want to give a child a chance to replace theirs. So I use the backpack to carry all of the donation supplies to school!

Make a Donation Backpack for Back to School #BTSLikeaBoss ad

The Supplies

If you ask teachers what they lack in the classroom it seems to be rulers, scissors, Expo markers, paper and pencils for the kids. So I make sure that my Elementary level donation backpack has plenty of these in it. In addition, I added glue sticks, coloring markers and more to make it go as far as it can!

Other Essentials

My kid’s school supplies list requires that they bring Kleenex so it is a no brainer that I add Kleenex to my donation pack. But I am also adding Viva paper towels and Scott tissue to the donation list for the school. In my opinion, a place where hundreds of kids go every day can never have enough paper products to go around! Plus, I LOVE the massive number of Box Tops on Kimberly Clark products right now!

Make a Donation Backpack for Back to School #BTSLikeaBoss ad

Back to School is stressful enough without having to worry about getting kids the supplies they need. With a quick trip to Walmart, my kids can help out their fellow classmates and school by donating a little that can make a huge difference!