Did you know that the California Sea Lions, bears and pelicans at the Houston Zoo dine happily on 26,000 pounds of fish per year, if not more?  And the 6,000 animals at the zoo would like to continue to eat happily on fish, insects, meats and fruits and vegetables?

So between now and December 31, 2011, any donation you make to the Houston Zoo will be matched dollar for dollar by TXU Energy, up to $25,000.  If we can all rally together and think of how much joy and pride the Houston Zoo bring to our city and to our families, I bet we can gather together $25,000, watch TXU Energy match that and donate $50,000 total to a place that teaches, thrills and entertains us day in and day out.  

Not to mention all of the animals that the people at the zoo work tirelessly to take care of that would not have survived without their dedication.

And this year, especially, with the drought making it harder to get foods and the growth of the Houston Zoo population, they need us more than ever!  Especially since farmers just reported the smallest hay crops in over a century.

Make your Gift of Grub donation online at www.houstonzoo.org/grub before December 31 and double the grub for a total campaign impact of $50,000.  That’s a lot of grub for this amazing organization, thanks to you and TXU Energy.

More fun facts about Zoo Animals eating habits:

Food for Thought

The Houston Zoo’s animal family is large and diverse; 600 mammals, 800 birds, 500 reptiles, 400 amphibians, 4,000 fish and 4,700 invertebrates.  Each day, the Zoo Commissary staff goes to work at 5 a.m. preparing and delivering animal diets that have been developed in consultation with a specialist in exotic animal nutrition.  The staff works with one common goal – ensuring that every animal’s nutritional needs are met each and every day.

Gift of Grub – The Numbers

18 million – The number of crickets consumed by toads, frogs, chameleons, geckos and other Houston Zoo animals.  It’s their ‘fast food’ year round.

80,000 – Heads of lettuce needed annually to stock the endless salad bar at the Houston Zoo. Giraffes are the number one customer.

10,660 – Bales of hay Houston Zoo animals munch each year.  The Big Muncher Award goes annually to our Asian elephants who consume 15 bales of hay each day.

Two – The number of times your donation will count this year when you give your Gift of Grub to help feed the Zoo’s 6,000 animals.  Every dollar given, now through December 31,will be doubled by TXU Energy, which will match up to $25,000 in giving to the Zoo this holiday season.

Learn more about the Houston Zoo, its animals and its dedication to our city on its website!

**Images borrowed from the Houston Zoo**