Man’s best friend. Some have had our friend by our sides for years, some may be looking for the perfect friend still. These 7 Dog Breeds are perfect to start your children’s life with a friend by their side.

7 Dog breeds that are perfect for families.

When it comes to choosing the perfect dog for your family, there are a number of considerations you should take into account. The first should be your family dynamic.

Where you live, how old your children are, and how active your lifestyle is are all things to think about before choosing the perfect family pet.

I could have hit up Animal Planet, or any other website and pulled their “Top Family Dogs” list and shared that with you. Rather I went to the source of real dog-owning families. The following dog breeds are ones owned by real families with kids.

Keep in mind that every dog has it’s own personality. While breeds have general characteristics each dog is an individual. Spend time with the animal before choosing to bring him home to make sure his temperament will fit with your families. Consider adopting from your local shelter when you do choose to bring a forever friend home.

7 Dog Breeds Perfect for Families

1. Beagle

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Our very own Lori, owner here at A Day In Motherhood, has adopted many Beagles from their local shelter. One-Eyed Jack has captured the heart of many across Instagram, but it’s the photos of him with her girls that show how perfect a Beagle can be in a family setting. In her own words “Beagles rock!! They are loving, loyal, entertaining, fun-loving and will always be your best friend. With the short coat they are low maintenance and easy to love on. They are people dogs and will bond to everyone in the family.” Growing up I also had a Beagle, Oreo. While many dogs terrified my childhood self, Oreo never did.

2. Labrador

Dog breeds perfect for families

Overwhelming the most popular dog breed owned by my friends with families. Labradors are one of the friendliest dog breeds I know, which makes sense that so many people choose them as a family pet. A benefit for parents everywhere is that Labrador’s are a low maintenance breed. Their coats are designed to care for themselves! Their loving nature and easy care make them a perfect family pet. When talking to Lab owners one friend said “He has always been so gentle with the kids and was so so easy to train! He’s family.”

3. Poodle

Dog breeds perfect for families

When I was a kid I wanted a poodle. Granted I was young and loved the silly cuts. In reality, though, poodles are one of the easiest dog breeds to train. They will listen to commands and thrive on learning new things. It does make them a needy dog, but for a busy family that doesn’t have time to train, retrain, and train some more, a standard poodle would make a great choice. Finally, poodles are a hypoallergenic breed which makes them great for the whole family!

4. Boston Terrier

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Another sad tales of a dog bred for fighting, the Boston Terrier has also been nicknamed the American Gentlemen. This is more for its coloring, but Boston Terriers are quite gentle dogs. They are not prone to aggressive behaviors unless they feel another dog is encroaching on their territory, and even then they can be taught to be non-aggressive.

5. Pug

Dog breeds perfect for families

I’d get in big trouble here at home if I didn’t include Pugs on this list. Our first and only family dog was Tank the Pug. Not my first rodeo with a pet, but it was the first one I would be responsible for as an adult. He was a great dog, albeit like many had some things to work on. The key was how well he did with the kids. They loved him, and he loved them right back. To this day my kids still cry a bit when thinking of him.

6. Golden Retriever

Dog breeds perfect for families

When our neighbors brought home a Golden Retriever puppy, my kids were ecstatic. Every time Killroy was outside I knew it because the kids were begging to go visit. It’s been about a year, and he is no longer a puppy, but my kids still love to go say Hi and toss him some sticks when he’s out. One of the first things I noticed was how easy going he was with the kids. I was overwhelmed watching the kids surround him as a puppy, but he loved every minute and just ate up the attention from the kids.

7. American Pit Bull

Dog breeds perfect for families

Did you know the American Pit Bull Terrier was nicknamed “The Nanny Dog”? If a dog can receive a nickname that insinuates taking care of our most precious family members, it must be the perfect family pet. As a word of caution, this is just a nickname. Children should never be left alone with your pets. While pit bulls have been given a bad rep as fighting dogs, in my research I’ve come to learn the true nature of the American Pit Bull is one of affection. If you love the Pit Bull, it will love you back.