October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. Shelters across the nation are full of sweet pups looking for a forever home. Will you add to your family this month?

Adopt A Shelter Dog today.

Stories of Shelter Dog Adoptions

Have you met One-Eyed Jack yet? He stole Lori’s heart when she was making a donation to the Houston Beagle and Hound Rescue. I know he’ll steal yours too over on Instagram.

When adopting from a shelter chances are you’re going to get older dogs, like Piper. What a sweetie and a great companion for this family’s older pet. Ashley from Hello Nature shares 5 Reasons you should consider adopting a senior pet.

As Powered by Mom blogger says – Adopting a pet from an Animal Shelter is Pure Joy. It’s hard to not to believe her when we see photos of Meaty – the dog who can’t stop smiling, and watch this video of Stella.

Help A Shelter Dog

Adding a new pet to the family isn’t for everyone. Every pet should be looked at carefully and considered before deciding to bring them home. The last thing anyone wants is to find they brought a pet home that isn’t a good fit for their family. While considering whether a shelter dog is right for your home, there are other ways you can help these sweet animals.

Take your kids and read to the shelter dogs like these kids do at this Humane Society in Missouri. The Kitsap Humane Society takes their dogs out for Puppicinos and a car ride. Helping a shelter dog can be as simple as showing up to take them for a walk, or more involved and becoming foster parents.

Shelters rely on donations to cover the costs of the animals in their care. A real simple way to help out while still looking for the right dog for your family, would be to donate. This could be by direct donations to your local shelter or by supporting companies who donate a portion of their proceeds back to shelters. Purchases from Second Chance Movements help cover the costs of transportation of pets from high-kill shelters to no-kill shelters. The Shelter Pups creates stuffed animals you can adopt, and then donates directly to your local shelter! If you already have adopted a shelter dog, you could have a custom stuffed pet made to look like your pet, and still help other dogs.

Have you adopted a shelter dog? Share your story with us.