**update** I am not a single mom but when I posted this, I was in the process of ending my marriage. My friend and I are closer than ever as two moms making our way on our own. However, we often still have questions and concerns as to whether we are doing a good enough job. So I thought I would repost this for anyone who might be on the path to single motherhood. My readers have some of the best advice around so, of course, I would turn to you!

I know a lot of people who are happily married.  They are working together for the good of each other and their family.  Unfortunately, though, it is a well known fact that a vast number of marriages end in divorce.

I have a friend who is recently separated.  And though she has known it was going to happen for a while and she, personally, is at peace,  she is still scared.  She is not responsible for her kids, the house, the bills, and everything in between.

Do You Have Advice for the Newly Single Mom?

She called me asking for advice and other than – I love you and I am here when you want to vent – I really don’t have much for her.  So, I told her I would post to you guys and see if you have any advice.

How do you do it?  Can divorce be OK for kids?  What do you do when you are totally overwhelmed? How do you handle children who are hurt?

Just leave a comment below.  She is reading and listening to everything and just wants as smooth a transition as possible for her and her kids!

If you have advice as a long term single mom for those of us who have chosen to remain single, that would be awesome too!  How do you deal with the stress, loneliness and the balancing of life and kids?

**originally published 6/2012**